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Thursday, 21 October 2010

British People Put Last 40,000 British Jobs to Go, Defence Budget Cuts but Foreign Aid Increase

British People Put Last Again: 40,000 British Jobs to Go, but Defence Budget Cuts Less Than Foreign Aid Increase

Some 40,000 British people are to lose their jobs in terms of the defence budget cuts which are in real terms a billion pounds less than the increase in the foreign aid budget, a BNP News analysis has revealed.
The current UK defence budget is £43.8 billion, and the 8 percent cut will see around £3.5 billion shaved off this figure.
This reduction will result in the scrapping of the Royal Navy’s flagship, the mothballing of one of two aircraft carriers being built, the phasing out of UK-built aircraft to fly on the remaining carrier, the closing down of army bases, a reduction in the number of standing army personnel and a downsizing in the number of military vehicles and arms.
At the same time, the “ring fenced” foreign aid budget is to be increased from its current £9.1 billion to over £13.1 billion, an increase of over £4 billion as the ConDem regime is committed to spending 0.7 percent of Britain’s Gross National Income on foreign aid.
The disparity in expenditure has proven once again that the interests and jobs of British people have been made subordinate to those of foreigners.
David Cameron and the rest of the ConDem regime, enthusiastically supported by their Labour Party clones, would rather see 40,000 British people lose their livelihoods than have foreign aid to nuclear power- and spaceship-launching India cut.
The total budget cuts in the “public spending review” are set to amount to some £83 billion, according to a report in a Tory-supporting newspaper.
Observers have pointed out that if the defence budget cuts alone will cause 40,000 job losses, the number of job losses which will be caused by the budget cuts in other departments will be astronomical.
It is not, of course, only the direct civil service jobs which are negatively affected by these cuts. A large number of ancillary enterprises who employ private workers are also dependent on state contracts. As these are cut, the job loss effect will ripple out further and further.
Ironically, the £83 billion which the ConDem regime seeks to implement is precisely the amount which could be shaved off the budget by cutting foreign aid, immigration, asylum, EU membership and the illegal foreign wars.
* The defence budget cuts will see the Royal Navy reduced to its smallest size since Henry VIII’s time.