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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Twisted UK Conservatives Reverse Child Benefit Election Pledge and to Bring in Labour-Supporter to “Write British History” Curriculum

Twisted Tories Reverse Child Benefit Election Pledge and Vow to Bring in Labour-Supporter to “Write British History” Curriculum

The increasingly contorted and hypocritical Conservative Party announced this week that it was reversing yet another election pledge — this time on child benefits — and would be calling a well-known leftist Labour Party supporting academic to “rewrite” British school history curricula.
Throughout the election campaign, David Cameron and George Osborne promised over and over that child benefits would not be cut under a Conservative government.
However, Mr Osbourne announced in television this week that any household with a higher-rate taxpayer would lose the child benefit as from 2013.
Mr Osbourne justified the move saying that it would “save” £1 billion — which in real terms, is less than one-ninth of the foreign aid budget to which Mr Osbourne is dedicated to increasing.
The cut means that mothers in middle class families who choose to stay at home with their young children are now going to be penalised for doing so, striking a direct blow against the equally fake Tory election pledge to “preserve family values.”
The pill is all the more bitter to swallow given that the Tory regime is committed to increasing the foreign aid budget to £13 billion per year and currently spends at least £4 billion per year fighting the illegal war in Afghanistan.
As if this was not enough, the increasingly nutty Tory party’s education secretary Michael Gove has announced a revamp of history education so that British children can learn "our island story."
Making the announcement at the Tory party conference, Mr Gove proudly announced that he had brought historian Simon Schama into plan to emphasise “narrative British history.”
Mr Schama, most famous for his TV series A History of Britain, is a devoted Labour Party supporter and recently donated £2,000 to Oona King's bid to become Labour's candidate for the 2012 London Mayoral election.
Ms King, who lost her parliamentary seat to Respect’s George Galloway after voting for the illegal war against Iraq, was also endorsed in her mayoral election bid by Neil Kinnock and a host of far leftist cranks from London, the majority of whom are not ethnically British.
Given these political associations, Mr Gove’s choice of Mr Schama can only best be described as peculiar, unless, of course, one takes into account that there appears to be increasingly little difference between Labour and Tory.