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Friday, 15 October 2010

How the UK Westminster Parties Have Destroyed Scientific Enquiry in Britain

How the Westminster Parties Have Destroyed Scientific Endeavour in Britain

Great Britain, which was the home of the Industrial Revolution and whose collective genius shaped the modern world, is on the brink of total scientific academic collapse thanks to the treasonous ineptitude of the three-party-one-policy Tory-Labour-Lib Dem gang.
The crisis has been sparked by the massive deficit crisis which the ConDem coalition are just as complicit in causing as the previous Labour regime, although they pretend otherwise.
The deficit has five primary causes:
- The bank bailout (supported by both Tory and Lib Dems);
- The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (supported by the Tories and now endorsed by the Lib Dems);
- Mass immigration which costs upwards of £13 billion per year (supported by both Tory and Lib Dems);
- Continued EU membership (supported by both Tory and Lib Dems); and
- The £9 billion a year foreign aid budget (supported by both Tory and Lib Dems who want to see it raised to £13 billion per year).
As a result of this reckless spending, Britain now faces one of its greatest deficits ever and all Government departments have been told to prepare for an average of 25 percent cuts in their budget (except, of course, the foreign aid budget).
Currently, Britain’s research budget is around £6 billion and a new report drawn up by Research Councils UK, which is responsible for distributing government funding for research, has warned that a £1 billion cut in this funding will mean “game over” for British science.
The report says that impending cuts “to scientific research funding could cost the UK economy up to £10 billion” as well.
“Public investment in scientific research is essential to ensure that long-term productivity and breakthroughs continue,” the report said.
“Without publicly funded research, private research and development could also dry up as companies will simply move to countries where they can still work with academics.
"Science is important for innovation and productivity not just for pushing forward the technological frontier.
"Universities at the research frontier have a second core 'product', namely highly trained people, an essential resource for UK companies and foreign companies investing in the UK,” the report continued.
“Continued public investment in scientific endeavour is essential for the success of UK business and industry and, more broadly, for a productive economy, a healthy society and a sustainable world."
It would seem that the amateurish clowns in Westminster have not only destroyed Britain’s recent past, but seem fully intent on destroying its future as well.