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Friday, 8 October 2010

BNP Scotland Aflame with Activity in Scottish Cities

BNP Scotland Aflame with Activity

The British National Party in Scotland has spend the past two weeks campaigning in Dundee, the Lothians, Mid-Scotland and Fife, Aberdeenshire and the north east, reports Scottish leader Gary Raikes.
“After a weekend in Dundee, north east organiser Allan Sharpe reported that the group will be advertising in the city to raise our profile even higher,” said Mr Raikes.
Highland organiser Lynda Davies told BNP News that the party has now identified “enthusiastic members in the Highlands who would be prepared to stand for the party. We must now ensure that the supporting infrastructure is in place for the party to advance further.”
Meanwhile a team from Lothians BNP was active in two different towns in late September, handing out hundreds of leaflets and selling dozens of copies of the Voice of Freedom newspaper, reports organiser Mike Coyle.
“The team then moved to leafleting door to door, spreading the BNP’s ‘Bring Our Troops Home’ message to thousands of residents,” Mr Coyle said.
Mr Raikes said that campaigning was also due to start in Mid-Scotland and Fife under new organiser Andy Martin, who will be backing up the hard work already underway  in central Scotland with Joe Finnie.
Last weekend, Scotland BNP’s north east organiser, Allan Sharp, carried out a tour in the BNP Scotland van through several towns in the Aberdeenshire area assisted by Ms Davies.
The route followed went through Ellon, Peterhead and Boddam, Fraserburgh, MacDuff and Banff, Turiff, Oldmeldrum and Inverurie.
The team visited the towns of Stonehaven, Gourdon, St Cyrus and Montrose on the Sunday when they were ably assisted by party stalwart John Shackleton.
“The tour is part of a rolling programme of visits to Scottish towns in order that members, supporters and the general public may see that the BNP is present and will not abandon Scotland to the establishment’s parties,” Mr Raikes said.

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