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Thursday, 14 October 2010

White Brits discrimanated Against as Labour Controlled Council Gives £273,000 Grant to Nonwhites Only Project

White Brits Put Last: Hartlepool’s Labour Controlled Council Gives £273,000 Grant to Nonwhites Only Project

White British people have once again been blatantly discriminated against by the Labour-controlled Hartlepool Borough Council with the news that £273,000 of taxpayers’ money has been given to a local nonwhite-only “ethnic project.”
The project, known as the “Salaam Centre” provides a range of services to black and ethnic (BME) communities across Hartlepool.
According to the Hartlepool Borough Council’s website, the “group is only open to young women from the BME community” and engages in “fun and participative activities.”
Would the Hartlepool Council give taxpayers’ money to a group which was only open to the white community and which engaged in “fun and participative activities?”
Regeneration chiefs at Hartlepool “New Deal for Communities” (NDC) initiative, which is one of 39 similar regeneration initiatives across the country to which each have been awarded up to £54 million of extra Government funding over a 10 year period, have reportedly “welcomed the news as the Salaam Centre is one of its key projects.”
In addition to the tax handout, the “Salaam Centre” has also received £96,000 of funding from the independent private charity the Tudor Trust, and £177,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.
All the money has allowed the nonwhite-only organisation to move into newly refurbished community premises at the former St Paul's Church Hall, in Murray Street in Hartlepool.
A gushing local media report boasted that the “project will use the funding to secure and maintain its services for at least the next three years” and that it would “also help offer a wide range of activities at the new centre for its visitors.”
According to the report, a merry time was had by all when the money was handed over.
“Regeneration director Malcolm Walker, from Hartlepool NDC, joined members from the Salaam Community Centre Community Interest Company (CIC) to celebrate the news,” the local media report said.
Mr Walker continued: "It is fantastic news for those involved with the centre as well as BME communities in Hartlepool that the Salaam Centre has received this funding to continue to support and meet the needs of ethnic minorities settled across the town.”
The report went on to quote the chairman of the community centre CIC, a man with the non-Anglo-Saxon name of Rajab Malik, as saying “The Salaam Centre project has worked with people from different nationalities for more than eight years and we have outgrown the current premises.
"The funding will help support our move to much needed larger new premises and the facilities offered in the new centre look to enhance and enrich the lives of the increasingly diverse ethnic population of Hartlepool, providing opportunities for education, training, healthcare, fitness, cookery and much more."
Hard-pressed British taxpayers will doubtless be ecstatic to read that their money will also be used to build a “new cafe area” which will “provide opportunities for older people from BME communities to meet and socialise.”
In addition, the money will be used to provide “cultural and social events” and will offer a “reading room, a fitness and training centre and accredited training in healthy eating and food preparation.”
The Salaam Centre has been supporting black and ethnic minority groups across the town for eight years, all funded by the NDC.
Does anyone know of a centre like this set up for white British people?