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Sunday, 31 October 2010

ConDem’s UK Govt Overt Anti-White and Ethnic Cleansing Policies Take Shape

ConDem’s Overt Anti-White and Ethnic Cleansing Policies Take Shape

The ConDem regime’s overt anti-white policies are beginning to take shape with the news that majority white British schools are to be deliberately underfunded to pay for immigrant-flooded nonwhite “disadvantaged schools” in the inner cities.
Edgware Road, London, 2010. Edgware Road, London, 2010.
The new £2.5 billion per year "pupil premium" fund to boost “disadvantaged schools in inner city areas” (which means nonwhite) announced by ConDem Education Secretary Michael Gove will most certainly mean that funding to majority white British schools will be cut.
This confession was made by a shameless Mr Gove to the Independent newspaper in a review of the new pupil premium, which will give schools extra cash for every disadvantaged pupil they take in.
The project will see some secondary schools in “deprived inner cities” get as much as £1 million extra per year, but “some schools will suffer cuts to pay for it,” Mr Gove said
What Mr Gove means by “some schools” is, of course, those schools not in “deprived inner city areas.” In rural areas, the school population is almost entirely white, with for example, Devon having a 95 percent white British primary school make-up.
Research carried out on the scheme by Education Data Surveys, an Oxford-based consultancy, warned in a report that rural primary schools may be forced to close as a result of ministers pumping more money into disadvantaged areas.
“Small rural schools will not get much extra and, if they have falling pupil rolls and [have] a budget deficit, they will struggle. They may face closure,” the EDS report said.
The education funding crisis has been exacerbated because of the immigration invasion, with one in five state primary schools operating at capacity or with more pupils than it is meant to cater for.
Nearly three in 10 state secondaries are full or have pupils in excess of capacity.
The school attendance figures, released by the Department of Education, focussed on big cities such as London and Birmingham with high immigration.
In February this year, figures released by the Birmingham City Council revealed that only 39 percent of kids aged seven and under in that city where white.
A 2007 report from the Department for Children, Schools and
Families revealed that white children were the minority in many London schools, dropping to as little as 15 percent in Tower Hamlets, 12 percent in Newham and 7 percent in Brent.
Elsewhere in the country, other “disadvantaged” areas show similar patterns. In Bradford, only 53 percent of the primary school children were classed as white British in 2007, while in Blackburn and Manchester, less than 60 per cent of primary pupils were white British. In Leicester, 41 percent were white British.
These figures are already several years out of date, and the government has not updated them, obviously for fear of alerting the public to the steady progress of their plans to ethnically cleanse the British people.
The ConDem plans are becoming more obvious and clearer by the day. Will the British people accept being treated by second class milch cows for the treasonous establishment?
If they object, the British National Party stands ready to set right all these wrongs, before the utterly destroy this nation of ours.