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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Alliance of European Nationalist Movements... What will It Mean?

Alliance of European Nationalist Movements... What Does It Mean?
Written by Green Arrow   at The British Resistance Newsroom
European UnionAs the realisation of the world-wide depression, and political chess game that spawned it, finally lands on the doormats of each nation's people, the Alliance of Nationalists will further antagonise the elites. With our own Chairman at the forefront, and knowing his achievements on the British political scene, things could soon bring the term NATIONALISM to millions, in a way that previously never got into the minds of those who thought they could go it alone, and carry on regardless.
The Alliance, once it has found it's feet, will produce a coalition of genuine intellectuals, radicals, and far-sighted leaders, specialising in two particular things.
1 - The might of the power of technology and media to induce enthusiasm amongst a tired, and brow-beaten western world.
2 - A political force to oppose the European Union's increasing dictatorial power, and insane agenda to include countries like Turkey in it's ugly plan to mongrelise indigenous western European people.
A bloc system, is far better than each nation having to battle for exactly the same goals alone. The Nationalist leaders, each representing their indigenous people's wishes, will also act as a brick wall, especially in further involvement in foreign wars, economic destruction by engineered means, and the ''one size fits all'' stupidity of monetary union and Socio-Cultural integration.
Ultimately, no amount of starving Nationalist leaders of the ''oxygen of publicity'' within the EU, or within their respective nations, can continue, as with each attempt, comes further technological support, out-reach, and public recognition in terms of sensible, and well thought out policies, and political arguments that go with all this. The public are at this moment in time, on a spinning wheel, and no one dares get off because they are scared of what they will find when they do.
They are about to find out anyway. Sadly, without the Alliance and it's opportunity to halt or at least, oppose all of the above, they would see a different solution to debt, job losses, and police-state interference, which would include desperate measures by each nation's elite, to crush their spirits, and their former, long-held ancient rights.
With the Alliance, both they, and us, are at least armed with weapons that we can collectively use in this battle. In fact, battles are numerous, and without the Alliance, and other rights organisations soon to be introduced officially such as the United Nationalist Nations (UNN), their ancient war on the white west would be achievable in one foul blast of hatred. The Alliance of European Nationalist Movements is a lifeboat, a rope across the waters, and every man, woman and child, should now do all they can to support it.