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Friday, 29 October 2010

White People Blamed for "Asylum Seeker" Deaths Left Wing Slur

The Latest Slur: White People Blamed for "Asylum Seeker" Deaths

White people have been blamed for the deaths of “hundreds if not thousands” of “asylum seekers” who have perished trying to illegally enter Britain by the lottery-funded far leftist “Institute of Race Relations” (IRR).
The bizarre allegation is contained in a new report by the IRR, titled “Driven to Desperate Measures: 2006-2010” by a researcher named Harmit Athwal.
According to this report, which has of course been widely repeated in the controlled media, “The IRR has catalogued a roll call of death of the 77 asylum seekers and migrants who have died either in the UK or attempting to reach the UK in the past five years as a consequence of direct racism or indirect racism stemming from policies.”
By “racism” the IRR of course means “white racism” and therefore is directly blaming white people for the 77 deaths it has catalogued.
In addition, the IRR report said, "hundreds if not thousands" or people had perished making desperate journeys to the UK as stowaways on planes, lorries and ships.
The list produced by the IRR is even more bizarre than the initial allegation. Apparently, some 15 “asylum seekers” died “taking dangerous and highly risky methods to enter the country.”
An observer might ask how that could be blamed on white people. Mr Athwal provides us with the answer: “With legal barriers in place to prevent them securing visas or work permits to enter legally and sanctions applying to aboveboard carriers, the desperate stow away on planes and lorries or attempt to cross the channel in makeshift boats or cling to trains.”
In other words, people who do not want to follow the legal route to enter Britain, are the victims of “white racism,” according to the IRR.
Mr Athwal’s report claims that another 44 died as “an indirect consequence of the iniquities of the immigration/asylum system – by taking their own lives when claims were not allowed, by meeting accidental deaths evading deportation or during the deportation itself, by being prevented medical care, by becoming destitute in the UK.”
Thus, in the world of the IRR’s analysis, white people are also to blame for nonwhites who commit suicide, die in accidents and who become destitute.
The level of vicious, unfounded “blame whitey” and vicious anti-white racism displayed in this ignorant IRR report takes on a more sinister meaning when it is considered that these outrageous allegations have been repeated, without question, in the pages of the controlled media and will doubtless now be used as future “research” to prove how wicked and bad white people are.
The British National Party rejects this “blame whitey” attitude as racist, bigoted and a vicious lie.
White people are not to blame because other people seek to break immigration laws. White people are not to blame because other people commit suicide after breaking immigration laws.
White people are not to blame because other people die in accidents or become destitute.
In fact, there is no justification whatsoever for anybody to seek “asylum” in Britain in the first place. 
The right of asylum is only applicable in the first safe country bordering the one which the “refugee” is fleeing. Once that “refugee” leaves the first safe country and crosses dozens of other “safe” countries to reach Britain, they are no longer “asylum seekers” but simply illegal immigrants.
* Other funders of the IRR, as named in their latest annual report, include the Allen Lane Foundation (set up by the founder of Penguin books); the City Parochial Foundation (a London charity supplied with taxpayer millions); the European Programme on Integration and Migration (which is funded by a number of European foundations, including the Barrow Cadbury Trust, and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund); the Garden Court Chambers (a London-based law foundation); the Heritage Lottery Fund; the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust; and the Methodist Church.