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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Vote Fraud: Muslim Tory Party Chairman Refuses to Say the M word

Vote Fraud: Muslim Tory Party Chairman Refuses to Say the M-Word

Muslim Conservative Party chairman “Baroness” Sayeeda Warsi has blamed what she called “Labour” electoral fraud for depriving her party of an outright majority in Parliament — but what she actually meant, and was to too scared to say, was Muslim electoral fraud.

Speaking in an interview with the New Statesman magazine, Ms Warsi said the Conservative Party had lost at least three seats to Labour because of fraud in what she called “Asian areas.”

Ms Warsi, who is also Britain’s first female Muslim cabinet minister, said there were “at least three seats where we lost, where we didn’t gain the seat, based on electoral fraud.”

She refused to say exactly which seats they were, but then conceded that they were “predominantly within the Asian community.”

According to reports, police have instigated launched 50 criminal inquiries into claims of voter fraud during the election.

Ms Warsi is however living in a dream world if she thinks Muslim voter fraud is exclusively a Labour problem.

Just yesterday, the last day of September, five Muslim Conservative Party members in Bradford, including two former councillors, were jailed for their part in a postal vote scam aimed at getting a Tory candidate elected.

Former Bradford city councillors Jamshed Khan and Reis Khan were jailed along with Mohammed Sultan, Mohammed Rafiq and Alyas Khan were all jailed for attempting to pull off a vote fraud which literally involved making up over 3,000 fraudulent votes.

In May this year, Conservative councillor for the Palfrey Ward in Walsall, Mohammed Munir appeared in court charged with voter fraud relating to his victory in the May 2008 elections. That case is ongoing.

There are also a large number of cases of electoral fraud involving Muslims from the Labour and Liberal Democratic parties.

This is not surprising, given the fact that Pakistan ranks as the 139th most corrupt country in the world (out of 157 on the corruption index list) and has almost no record of successful participatory democracy.

The ongoing problem of Muslim voter fraud is not therefore, as Ms Warsi says, a problem confined to the Labour Party. It has been caused by mass Third World immigration and the resultant steady Islamification of Britain by immigrants from parts of the world where the indigenous culture is alien to the concept of democracy.

As British National Party MEP Andrew Brons recently told the European Parliament, culture is not something like a coat which can be taken off at the arrival desk of an airport. Culture comes with a people, not the other way round.