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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Labours Horwich Council House Rent Hike Alert

which way to our new council house!
Labours Horwich Council House Rent Hike Alert by Horwich Nationalists
It is with sadness that we have to report to all those who were silly enough to vote Labour in the previous election, and live in a council House in Horwich that I am afraid your rent is to rise alarmingly, of course the Labour Zanu PF party of Bolton claim that is all the Con/Dem Zanu PF Govt's fault, instead of just admitting that is all the three parties fault.
perhaps they should look at all the free housing given to bogus asylum seekers and dubious immigrants whom the Labour and Con/Dem alliance have let and are still letting into the country. And also the expense of the cultural refurbishment of the Local authorities properties as asylum seekers must have a list of new items in properties such as a Internet connection and free phone! that they occupy, instead of the British families who should be occupying them.
Remember that the British National Party is the only party who will put British people at the top of the list for Housing and will through sound economics make more homes more affordable!!!!