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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Horwich and Bolton BNP Bring our Boys Home Campaign in Westhoughton oct 2010

Horwich And Bolton British National party in Westhoughton 

This last weekend saw the Bolton and Horwich British National Parties Bring our Boys Home Campaign come to the town centreof Westhoughton Lancashire, 
The response from the public was overwhelming in there support of the campaign and the British National Party also.
there was much appreciation from the public for the campaign as it was overwhelming that 99% of those spoken to thought that the sooner we are out of that wind swept hell hole the better.

And as our boys are only out their on behalf of those multi nationals and bankers who own the other three main political parties who want to build the gas pipe line across Afghanistan. And we did our best to pass the message across to the public of what is really going on in Afghanistan, as we all know the state controlled media can no longer be relied on to be impartial and truthful.
just see for yourself as members of the Bolton and Horwich BNP engage with members of the public face to face,  and not by dropping leaflets in the early hours through your letter box. As you will find the British National Party campaigning on the streets all year round not just at election time.