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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bolton BNP June 2010 Meeting

Bolton BNP  June 2010 Meeting

Wed the 30th of June, our Bolton group held it's monthly meeting, and what a very good meeting it was. Tony Backhurst  spoke about the solidarity union, and the benefit's of joining. Dorothy Sayers spoke about the the need for more people to pull together for leafleting, and bringing more on board, and there was our guest speaker Patrick Newman, who talked about the rise of the Muslims all over the world, and how England was the most effected, and how long we have left as a nation before we are totally colonized. I recommend Patrick as a speaker for other BNP meetings, you will not be disappointed. Bolton BNP, getting stronger by the month.
Please do not forget our national parties latest campaign England is for life not just for football to,

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