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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

BNP Support Stronger Than Ever, Says Salford BNP

Support Stronger Than Ever, Says Salford BNP

The public is increasingly angry over the illegal war in Afghanistan and are showing it on the streets of Salford by expressing support for the British National Party, reports organiser Gary Tumulty.
“The loyal and hardworking activists of Salford BNP distributed more than 200 copies of the latest Voice of Freedom newspaper this past weekend and topped it off with a 2000-strong leafleting session in one of our key wards,” Mr Tumulty said.
“The main issue over which the public has expressed an opinion is the LIB-Lab-Con’s decision to keep our troops in Afghanistan,” he continued.
“Salfordians are outraged that our boys and girls being brought home in coffins for a war in favour of which Salford MP Hazel Blears voted.
“Salford people are now getting the message that the BNP is the only party which demands an immediate withdrawal of our troops from that pointless war,” Mr Tumulty said.
“If the level of support we experienced over the weekend is anything to go by, then we stand a very good chance of making a breakthrough into the council here in the 2011 local elections.
“We are already busy selecting our candidates for these elections and will start making them visible in their target wards over the next few months,” he concluded.
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