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Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Destruction of Britain's Language Culture and the Tower of Babel of the UK Today

The Destruction of Britain's Culture and the Tower of Babel

Immigration has turned many of Britain’s schools into veritable Towers of Babel and one Birmingham school has been forced to acquire special computer translation software to communicate with its flood of immigrant non-English speaking pupils.
A report just out has revealed that 60 percent of pupils at Manor Park Primary School in Aston, Birmingham, now communicate with teachers using the software.
According to a news report, headteacher Jason Smith said the technology “was invaluable. It is the sort of tool that we can use to engage with children who have recently arrived in the country and have very little spoken English.
“It can vary, but at any one time we have 30 plus languages being spoken at the school, so this is invaluable to us,” Mr Smith gushed.
“Last week we enrolled a pupil from Gambia who could only speak a tribal language, so we checked online to see if we had something that closely matched it.
“We found the closest match and both the child and their parent could understand us.”
Apparently the programme allows pupils to type questions into the computer using their “native language” which is then translated verbally into English for the teacher.
The process is then reversed to enable the teacher to “speak” back to the pupil.
Astonishingly, the software comes with on-screen avatars (individual user logos) which are themed around the racial appearance of the pupils.
The avatars include an “Asian man” and a “black African man,” according to reports.
They do not say if it is possible to have an avatar of a “white African man” or of a “white Asian man” because, of course, no such things exist, even though the reverse ethnic description (“black British” or “Asian British”) is always used.
Other avatars which are being prepared include one of a Chinese woman and a Burka-wearing Muslim.
In February this year, the Birmingham City Council announced that non-British pupils now outnumber white children in the city’s primary schools.
According to the report, only 39 percent of primary school kids are of a white British origin.
The latest figures from the Department for Education show 905,610 children in the UK do not speak English as their first language, a rise of 42,750 since last year.
Whites were already a minority in London schools in 2007, according to a report issued by the Department for Children, Schools and Families in that year.
In Tower Hamlets, 15 percent of primary school pupils were classed as white British, while 63 percent come from Bangladeshi families.
In Newham, just under 12 percent of primary pupils are white British, while the figure in Brent's secondaries is seven percent, compared with 36 percent who are classed as Asian, and 24 percent black.
Outside London, areas with the highest concentrations of ethnic minority pupils included Bradford, where 53 percent of the primary school children are classed as white British.
In Blackburn and Manchester, less than 60 percent of primary pupils were white British.
In Leicester, 41 percent were white British, compared with 38 percent of primary pupils who were Asian.
Britain is staggering under a Third World immigration invasion which, left unchecked, will see the extinction of British culture and the ethnic cleansing of British people from their ancient homeland.