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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Ethnic Cleansing Cover-up Reason for Abolition of UK National Census ?

Cover-up of Ethnic Cleansing Most Likely Reason for Abolition of National Census

An attempt to suppress statistics which reveal the steady ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population of Britain is the most likely reason for the ConDem regime’s shock announcement that the national census is to be abandoned.
Domesday Book, 1066 The Domesday Book, 1066Although Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has cited expense as the reason to abolish the decennial census, this undertaking “only” costs £482 million to complete.
This is minor when it is considered that MPs in Westminster claim an average of £92 million per year in expenses alone and indicates that there is an alternative “real” reason for the move to abolish the census.
A news report quoted constitutional barrister Geoffrey Robertson QC as saying that “future historians will be less able to interpret Britain as a result of this decision — maybe that is the reason for it.”
Mr Robertson has hit the nail on the head. The census figures are definitive proof of the steady replacement of the indigenous population of Britain by a tsunami of Third World immigrants, encouraged and abetted by the Con-Lib-Lab party.
Mr Maude said that the census will be replaced by “regular checks on numbers using existing databases such as post office records and the electoral roll.”
Using these figures will effectively hide the changing racial demographics, as was recently well illustrated in the Barking constituency in London.
In that region, thousands of Africans were added to the voters’ roll, which in turn generated the illusion that “British” people had endorsed the Labour Party in overwhelming numbers in that area.
In reality, as all people on the ground there know, the vast majority of the remaining indigenous population support the British National Party, and the huge numbers of Third World immigrants support Labour.
To base census figures on voters' rolls will deny historians, statisticians and political scientists the ability to measure demographic change through immigration.
Given these factors, the reason behind the move to abolish the census becomes clear: it is a move by the ConDem regime to cover up its complicity in the extinction of the British people in their homeland.
* The 2011 census will still go ahead, according to reports. A national census of Britain goes back over 1,000 years to the time of the Domesday Book of 1066. The decennial census was first introduced 200 years ago during the Victorian era.