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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fifth Anniversary of the 7/7 Attacks, Another Police Chief Confirms Accuracy of BNP Anti-Terrorism Policy

Fifth Anniversary of the 7/7 Attacks, Yet Another Police Chief Confirms Accuracy of BNP Anti-Terrorism Policy

On the fifth anniversary of the 7/7 terror attacks in London, yet another senior police anti-terrorism expert has confirmed the accuracy of the British National Party’s policy which ascribed current UK foreign policy as one of the major causes of terrorism in our country.
The warning that British foreign policy was a direct cause of terrorism in Britain was sounded by Dr Robert Lambert, who served for 30 years as an officer in Scotland Yard's special branch, dealing with Irish Republican and al-Qaida terrorism. He was also head of the counter-terrorism Muslim contact unit (MCU).
The British National Party is the only political party to have linked the rise of Islamist terrorism to mass immigration into Britain combined with biased British foreign policy in the Middle East.
That foreign policy, which sees Muslim lands such as Iraq invaded and destroyed on the basis of a pack of the most dreadful lies and deceit, serves to incite Muslims in Britain.
Those Muslims are, of course, only present in Britain because of the mass immigration policies pursued by decades of Tory and Labour misrule.
The BNP, which had this policy position in its election manifesto, has argued that the only solution to Islamist terrorism in Britain is to halt and reverse the immigration invasion and adopt a neutral foreign policy, or at the very least one which serves British interests only.
In an interview with the far leftist extremist Guardian newspaper, Dr Lambert has confirmed that the BNP is correct in this foreign policy assessment.
According to Dr Lambert, “Britain's fight against terrorism has been a disaster, because its flawed, neo-conservative direction alienated Muslims and increased the chances of terrorist attacks.”
“The government was desperate to deny that British foreign policy drove sections of the Muslim community to support or sympathise with al-Qaida.
“What the [7/7] bombers did, and what al-Qaida does successfully, is to exploit widely held grievances,” he told the newspaper.
“That should not be difficult to grasp. The last government spent most of the last five years denying that, looking for other narratives to explain what had happened.
"All this is happening under the shadow of military action … with terrorist groups planning to legitimise their attacks in the UK on the basis of what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“British policies handed the terrorists propaganda victories,” he continued.
“Such policies included the Iraq war, civilian casualties in Afghanistan, the torture of terror suspects at Guant√°namo and elsewhere, rendition, the muted response to Israel's attack on Lebanon and the attempt to hold terror suspects in the UK for 90 days without charge,” Dr Lampert said.
* The former assistant Metropolitan Police commissioner who led the 7/7 investigation, Andy Hayman, has separately warned that there are today “more radicalised Muslims” in Britain today than three years ago.
“Their attack plans are more adventurous and the UK still remains under severe risk,” Mr Hayman said.
According to a press wire report, security agencies are monitoring two active terrorist cells known to be planning attacks in Britain.
The terror cells stand out from dozens of police and security services operations because they discussed methods of attack, including “soft targets” that could result in large-scale civilian casualties, the report said.
In addition, it said that some groups have discussed copying in Britain the 2008 Mumbai attack during which heavily-armed men attacked a hotel, a railway station and a synagogue in a commando-style raid. The British authorities have taken this threat so seriously that they have drawn up plans for how they might counter such an attack.