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Thursday, 15 July 2010

The BNP Voice of Freedom Addresses Lib/Lab/Con Illegal Wars

Latest Issue of Voice of Freedom Addresses Illegal War

Yesterday, on a day when four more British soldiers died in Afghanistan, the July issue of Voice of Freedom, the British National Party's monthly newspaper, was published with a front page headline 'Stop this senseless slaughter.'
The lives of British servicemen and women are being sacrificed for nothing in a war that cannot be won, says a report on page two and the editorial calls for David Cameron to be forced to attend every single 'homecoming' at Wooton Bassett until he sees the futility of the war in Afghanistan and the heartbreaking waste of young British lives.
As well as being a newspaper that campaigns on the issues of the day, Freedom also reports on the activities of British National Party units up and down the country.
The latest issue keeps readers well briefed on this, and on the work of the party's two MEPs, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, who each have their own page in the newspaper.
The initial response to the latest edition has been very positive. John Ryde, the press officer for the East Midlands, the first region to receive its supplies of the newspaper, commented:
"I'm delighted with the July Freedom. It’s a great asset to the party and ideal for recruiting new members over the next four weeks.
"The front page sums up exactly what the British public are feeling at the moment,” Mr Ryde said.