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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Turkish Membership of the EU to Avenge Ottoman Empire’s Defeat and Subjugate Europe to Islam

Turkish Membership of the EU Will Avenge Ottoman Empire’s Defeat and Subjugate Europe to Islam

Turkish membership of the European Union as espoused by political traitor David Cameron will avenge the defeated centuries-old Muslim attempt to seize all of Europe and will finally extinguish western civilisation on the Continent, the British National Party has warned.
Reacting to the announcement by Mr Cameron that the Tory leader will actively promote Turkish membership of the EU, BNP foreign affairs spokesman Arthur Kemp said that such a move would “achieve the thousand-year-old Islamic dream of conquering Europe.”
Mr Kemp, who is author of the bestselling book Jihad: Islam’s 1,300 Year War on Western Civilisation, said that under the auspices of the Ottoman Empire, the Turks and their Middle Eastern supporters had tried to seize all of Europe by force of arms for Islam.
“At the height of its power, the Ottoman Turks had invaded all of Southeastern Europe, Western Asia and North Africa,” Mr Kemp said.
“Twice their invading armies attempted to seize Vienna, and were only turned back by a combined European army.
“Even so, their control over Southeastern Europe remained until the last Turkish troops were driven out at the end of the First World War.
“The genetic and political disruption to that part of Europe was immense and the Muslim legacy of strife and conflict has continued to plague the Balkans right up to our time,” he continued.
“To hear Mr Cameron say that he was to ‘pave the road from Ankara to Brussels’ for Turkey to join the EU is nothing short of high treason against all of Europe.
“Turkey has a population of 73 million, of whom 99 percent are Sunni Muslim. Although Turkey is officially a secular state, since the 1990s it has increasingly fallen under the influence of its historical predecessor, and by 1994 religious candidates had won mayoral elections in Istanbul and Ankara.
“A study by the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation found that 49 percent of women in Turkey wear the headscarf or hijab.
“Mr Cameron has accused those who doubt his support for Turkey’s EU membership as ‘playing on fears of Islam.’ Yet Mr Cameron appears to know nothing about Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi, AKP) government, of which his new friend, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip is leader,” he said.
“The AKP’s origin lies in Turkish Islamism, and is recognised even by that country’s secular authorities as such. Mr Cameron has either forgotten or is too ignorant to know (which is more likely) that the Turkish Constitutional Court attempted to ban the AKP in 2008 for being an Islamist party and becoming a “focal point of anti-secular activities."
The court case, heard in July 2008, saw six of the eleven judges agree that the AKP should be banned for its pro-Islamist stance.
“Turkey’s constitution required seven of eleven judges to agree, so it was with the merest technicality that the AKP government was not banned even though it had comfortably won the elections,” Mr Kemp said.
“This meant that the AKP ‘only’ faced a written warning and a curtailment of its state subsidy by 50 percent. The point is that the Turkish government represents an Islamist wing of Turkish politics which a majority of the Turkish constitutional court judges declared was contrary to the secular constitution.
“And these are the people and government which Mr Cameron and the Conservatives want to join the EU? The freedom of movement rules, introduced to Britain by the Tory Major government, will ensure the free movement of millions of Muslims who have already voted for a slightly moderated Islamist party in Turkey to pour into western Europe.
“To put the population issue into perspective, bear in mind that population projections show that within 10 years, Turkey will have a bigger population than Germany. These are the sort of numbers we are talking about.
“To make matters worse, the Turkish government has just relaxed all visa controls for Middle East nationals, including Saudi Arabia, to enter Turkey. Once Turkey joins the EU, those nationals will also be able enter Europe without undergoing any sort of border control.
“Once there, they will be able to vote, organise politically and socially and then the centuries' old Islamic attempt to seize Europe will become reality.
“Turkey’s ascension to the EU represents one of the single most pivotal steps in the plan to utterly destroy all of Europe,” Mr Kemp continued.
“We dare not let this act of treason go ahead and all European patriots will have to join hands to stop this betrayal and abject surrender from proceeding.”
* Jihad: Islam’s 1,300 War on Western Civilisation can be purchased online by clicking here.