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Friday, 30 July 2010

Invasion “Via the Womb” Remains Biggest Threat to Britain’s Natural Homogeneity

New Figures Prove Invasion “Via the Womb” Remains Biggest Threat to Britain’s Homogeneity

The spiralling birth rate of Third World immigrants already in Britain remains one of the single greatest threats to this nation’s continued existence as a majority First World nation, new figures from the Communities Department have shown.
The figures, released in writing to Parliament by department spokesman Andrew Stunell, showed that “at current birth rates and expected rates of immigration,” 252,000 new homes a year will be needed each year until 2031 to accommodate the growth in Britain’s population.
Of these, 36,000 will be needed because there will be more people living alone and fewer couples and families, and 116,000 because of rising birth rates.
The remaining 100,000 will be needed to house migrants, based on 2006 population figures.
In other words, even if there is a slowdown in immigration rates, the birth rates of immigrants already present is placing a greater strain on housing than new immigration.
Mr Stunell’s statement said that four out of every ten new houses or flats built to cope with the rising population will go to a migrant.
“It is estimated that net international migration could account, on average, for 40 per cent of the net growth of households in England over the projection period from 2006 to 2031.”
This figure is, of course, already nearly seven years out of date. With legal immigration currently running at in excess of 500,000 per year, the Third World immigration population will have increased by at least another 3.5 million since 2004, making a more accurate figure about 11 million.
This 2005 birth rate figure does not include births to second and third generation immigrant mothers.
The majority of the “new immigrants” are not from Eastern Europe, as is often widely claimed. According to the ONS figures, immigrants from Eastern Europe had 25,000 children in Britain last year — an absolute minority of the just over 700,000 live births.
Once again, the statistical evidence is clear: unless immigration is not only halted but reversed, it will just be a question of time before Britain is overrun by an invasion via the womb.
Only the British National Party dares to point this truth out, and only the BNP has the sensible, humane and just policies to avoid Britain turning into a cross between India and Nigeria.