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Thursday, 22 July 2010

David Crausby Labour MP Dimissal of Big Society ?

David Crausby Labour MP

As part of his dismissal of Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ initiative David Crausby, Bolton North East MP has sort to suggest that Labour has already done its part to redistribute power. The local press quoted Mr Crausby as saying ‘the Labour Party has devolved a lot of power to local people through the likes of area forums.

I’ve attended quite a number of area forums in Bolton North East and I haven’t seen Mr Crausby at any of them. But I can tell him that Bolton’s elected members are very quick to refer to awkward questions asked at forums as ‘political’; therefore not requiring an answer.

It is also the case that the minutes taken at forums are inaccurate: however I don’t see why there should be any reason to believe the Tories distribution of power would be any less corrupt than Labour’s.

Anthony Backhouse