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Friday, 9 July 2010

Homosexual Asylum Ruling Will Open Invasion Gates to UK Even Further

Fundamentally Flawed Homosexual Asylum Ruling Will Open Invasion Gates Even Further

The fundamentally flawed ruling by the Supreme Court that homosexuals have the right to asylum in Britain will “lead to a potentially massive expansion of asylum claims as it could apply to literally millions of people around the world,” Migratiowatch chairman Sir Andrew Green has warned.
Commenting on the ruling that two men, one from Iran and another from the Cameroon, have had their appeals against deportation upheld on the grounds that they might be persecuted if they were sent home, Sir Andrew said that an “applicant has now only to show that he (or she) is homosexual and intends to return and live openly in one of the many countries where it is illegal to be granted asylum in the UK.”
In reality, this ruling means that an “asylum seeker” from anywhere in the world where anti-homosexual sentiment runs high, now has the right to refuge in Britain.
When the Netherlands introduced a similar rule, it found that thousands and thousands of “asylum seekers” discovered they were homosexual after all.
Even asylum seekers in heterosexual relationships with children in the Netherlands suddenly claimed to be have become homosexual. Disproving such a claim is, simply put, impossible. How does an asylum judge “prove” otherwise? How does one prove a homosexual relationship?
Not surprisingly, Tory Home Secretary Theresa May welcomed the Supreme Court ruling saying it was in line with her Government’s pledge not to deport asylum seekers who had fled their countries because their sexuality put them at “proven risk.”
During the election campaign, David Cameron had specifically made a pledge that homosexual asylum seekers from Africa would be encouraged to seek refuge in Britain.
Mar Cameron’s remarks, made in an interview with a prominent homosexual newspaper, were described as a “car crash interview” by the Tory press at the time.
It appears however, that Mr Cameron was not joking, as the new court ruling has shown.
The court ruled that homosexuals have the right of refuge in terms of the 1951 UN Convention on the Status of Refugees, which says that members of a social group are entitled to asylum if they can show they have a well- founded fear of persecution at home.
There is only one answer to this ongoing madness, and that is to declare Britain a non-asylum country.