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Monday, 19 July 2010

Afghanistan War Death Toll Climbs Again as ConDem Announces 40% Increase in Foreign Aid to Afghanistan

Afghanistan War Death Toll Climbs Again as ConDem Regime Announces 40% Increase in Foreign Aid

The horrific death toll of British troops in the unwinnable and probably illegal war in Afghanistan rose to 322 today as the ConDem government  announced that even more of your tax money will now be spent in that country.
Another four British soldiers have died needlessly in Helmand province over the last 24 hours. In what is widely seen as a serious escalation, two soldiers were killed on Friday and another two on Saturday, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced.
At least one soldier was killed while trying to dispose of a roadside bomb in southern Nahr-e Saraj.
Last year, the MoD announced that “most” parts of the trigger mechanisms for roadside bombs in Afghanistan were electronic components and mobile telephones purchased in Britain by Islamist supporters.
These goods are legally exported to Pakistan, the MoD said. From there, they are adapted and smuggled across the border into Afghanistan for use against British troops, the MoD said.
The treacherous nature of the war was illustrated last week with the attack by a supposedly “loyal” member of the Afghanistan’s army on sleeping British soldiers.
This cowardly assault saw another four of our brave young men killed, for no reason at all except to satisfy the criminally insane warmongers in London and Washington.
To add insult to injury, the ConDem regime yesterday announced a 40 percent increase in foreign aid to Afghanistan.
Tory International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell declared that his “number one priority” is to “secure progress” in Afghanistan.
Justifying the massive increase in aid, Mr Mitchell repeated the hoary old lie that Britain is involved in the war to “prevent the Afghan territory from again being used by al Qaida as a base from which to plan attacks on the UK and our allies.”
This outrageous lie has been dismissed by military commanders, defence experts and the only party in Britain to tell the truth about this tragic war, the British National Party.
The reality is exactly opposite to what the liar Mr Mitchell alleges: in fact, the war in Afghanistan has served to increase terrorism in Britain and the world, not the other way round.
The BNP is the only political party to demand an immediate end to this war and the institution of sensible domestic immigration policies to remove the Islamist threat at home.

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