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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Court Ruling Reveals Former Labours Staggering Incompetence

Court Ruling Reveals Former Labour Regime’s Staggering Incompetence

A High Court ruling which has struck down an immigration regulation introduced by the previous Labour regime has illustrated clearly how incompetent, stupid and ill-thought out that government’s policies were.
The regulation in question, brought in by Labour’s Home Secretary Alan Johnson last year, demanded that all foreign students coming to Britain to learn English, had to speak English before being allowed in.
The sheer obvious insanity of the rule (after all, if they could speak English, why would they be coming in to learn how to speak it) missed Mr Johnson’s attention, as it did his Labour colleagues.
It was however picked up by English UK, the body which represents over 440 English language schools, which took the regulation to the High Court.
Last week, Mr Justice Foskett ruled in favour of English UK, saying that the victory “was not on point of principle, but on technicality.”
The court ordered that the new restrictions needed to formally change the rules, including presenting them to parliament, rather than just altering the guidelines.
"We are pleased that Mr Justice Foskett saw the merits of our case and we believe that his decision is good for the UK economy, to which the English language sector contributes about £1.5 billion in foreign earnings each year," Tony Milns, chairman of English UK, was quoted as saying.
The British National Party’s position on foreign students was spelled out clearly in the party’s 2010 election manifesto:
“Britain is already the most densely populated nation in Europe and a BNP government would officially declare it to be a non-immigration country.
“Work permits will only be issued in exceptional circumstances, for example, when the Government determines there is a need to rebuild British industry or when there is a genuine shortage of skills. 
 “We shall permit genuine students, so long as they possess health insurance. This latter concession will also assist with our long-term policy of re-building Third World economies in order to facilitate the voluntary return of their nationals or descendants, under our long-term resettlement programme.”