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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

EU Speech Concerning Iceland By Nick Griffin MEP BNP Strasbourg 7th July 2010

Iceland - Speech By Nick Griffin 7th July

Here is the text of the hard-hitting speech delivered by Nick Griffin in Strasbourg this morning. As you will discover, no further explanation is necessary.

Madame Chairman

The defining feature of the EU conspiracy, apart from endemic waste and fraud, is that it rides roughshod over the wishes of real people.
The push to bully Iceland into surrendering to EU rule is an example.

Gallop polls reveal that 60% of Icelanders want to retain their freedom by staying out of the EU. Only 26% are now fooled by the pro-Union propaganda of the corporate media.

This is no surprise. Icelanders have the oldest tradition of true democracy in the world. They do not want to exchange it for rule by unelected Commissars.
Icelanders have some of the last great fish stocks in the world. They want to preserve them from being destroyed, as EU membership has destroyed Britain´s fish stocks.

Icelanders are rightly proud of their Viking origins, vibrant culture and identity. EU rule would doom Reykjavik to become a scale model of the Muslim ghettoes of Londonistan, Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen.

So from the belly of the Euro Beast, I urge the people of Iceland: Stay free, say No to European Union.