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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Cameron Betrays Britain Now India Will Have “Direct Say” over UK Immigration Policies

Can David Cameron Betray Britain Any More? Now India Will Have “Direct Say” over UK Immigration Policies

Tory leader David Cameron’s announcement that India will have a direct say over UK immigration policy has set a new record for national betrayal which makes the previous Labour regime seem like rank amateurs.
The astonishing offer, which is the first time any nation in history has offered another nation the ability to influence who enters its borders, was made by Mr Cameron’s office in a statement given to a daily newspaper.
According to the report, Mr Cameron will tell Indian leaders during his current visit to that country that Britain will consult Delhi over a proposed new cap on non-EU immigration.
The report continued by saying that “a Downing Street source said the prime minister was keen to offer reassurances to India. We want to work with India and other countries to ensure that high-skilled people can still come to Britain," the report said.
"We are going to talk to these countries about how to implement the cap."
The “cap” about which Mr Cameron talks is of course a hoax as well, as it specifically excludes a large number of visa channels which Third Worlders use to enter Britain.
According to government figures, Indian companies employ some 90,000 of their own nationals in Britain with all of these people having been brought in through “intercompany transfers” which are not covered by Mr Cameron’s “cap.”
A further indication of the ConDem regime’s true immigration policy intentions came with the remark by Business Secretary Vince Cable in India that the “immigration cap is the subject of an ongoing debate within the coalition government.”
"There clearly is a debate taking place," Mr Cable said.
“It's no great secret that in my department, and me personally, we want to see an open economy and as liberal an immigration policy as it's possible to have," he told Hindu Business Online.
India has the world’s 12th-largest economy and has received £1.91 billion in British taxpayers’ foreign aid handouts over the last ten years

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