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Thursday, 15 July 2010

EU Announces It Wants More Third World Immigrants, as a Flood of Romanians Hit Britain

As EU Announces It Wants More Third World Immigrants, Flood of Romanians Hit Britain

The European Union has announced its intention to encourage even more Third World immigrants to enter Europe as the news emerged that at least 51,000 Romanians have sought work in Britain in the last six months alone.
The wave of non-EU nationals and Romanians comes as the “economically inactive” segment of the UK population continues to climb to in excess of 8.2 million.
According to EU home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom, rules will be simplified for non-EU nationals to enter Europe for workers looking to take up “jobs in farming, tourism and other industries.”
Despite rising unemployment across the EU, Ms Malmstrom claimed the additional Third World workers were needed to “fill labour shortages.”
Mrs Malmstrom was quoted as saying that “We know unemployment rates are still very high in Europe.” Official EU figures have revealed that in certain business sectors, EU-wide unemployment is as high as 10 percent.
Nonetheless, Ms Malmstrom plans to speed up procedures for hiring managers, specialists and seasonal workers from outside the 27 EU member states.
Meanwhile, separate figures released by a Romanian recruitment agency showed that more than 50,000 Romanians applied for jobs in Britain in the first six months of this year.
According to the report, Britain is the second most popular destination after Germany for Romanians seeking to work abroad.
Some 426,443 Romanians applied for jobs in the EU, of which 72,000 were accepted.
Tens of thousands of Romanians came to Britain after their country joined the EU in 2007 and there are now almost three million Romanians living in EU states other than their own.
The addition of Turkey to the EU will add at least another 40 million mainly Muslims to the “freedom of movement” policy within the EU. That nation’s relaxation of all border visa controls with the rest of the Middle East will also allow a further mass invasion of Europe from the Arab nations.