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Friday, 30 July 2010

A thank you to content providers to the voice of the British Resistance

A thank you to content providers

from the Green Arrow

I though it was time to say thank you to the people who have helped VBR
with content for the show.
One of the providers you all know is Bertie Bert who places so much good content on YouTube and allows us to reuse it in the show, thanks Bertie. His YouTube page can be found at
Some of Bertie's videos are re encoded and promoted videos from our next contributor BNPtv. BNPtv are the official video outlet for the British National Party and a great source of news and features directly from the BNP and about the BNP. Thanks BNPtv please bookmark this site and visit when you can.
The next is the new and expanding Radio Red, White & Blue, ever since the launch of Radio RWB they have made their content open for all nationalists to rebroadcast and use to promote the BNP. Both BNPtv and Radio RWB can bring you inside info and interviews no one else can with being part of the extensive media section of the BNP. While still being very new and with a web site that is still being set up fully the Radio RWB site is the place to hear nationalists music and important news directly from the BNP.
Their music is drawn from the nationalist recording company Great White Records although they would like to encourage new bands and singer/song writers to come forward to have their music played on the Radio and forwarded to Great White Records. You can listen to the show directly on the site with a flash player and you can also download MP3's of some if not all of the shows. You can also buy the music offered by GRW as digital downloads. These are priced very competitively at 70p per song or £4 for an Album.
You really must bookmark this site and visit often, the address is thank you Radio RWB and presenters John Walker, Joey Smith & Rev. Robert West.
Now we can't mention Radio RWB without Great White Records so I will say thank you to them as well. They have provided some great music for us and I'm very pleased to see that Richard & Baz Brush have now released their album 'Roots' through GWR. If you are interested in supporting British Nationalist Music this is the place to go at the moment they only have CD's for order but I'm sure the site will soon be carrying information about the artists and details about how to contact them if you are a band or singer/song writer. I'm sure most of the older members will know but for us new and newish members who may not know, some of the tracks on the CD's where written by Nick Griffin and they are good, in fact very good.
Next I think I should thank the guys who helped us so much in the beginning, two I have mentioned already that's Richard Greenfield and Barry Lowe aka Baz Brush thank you so much guys. (If you have a web site let me know?)
Then there is Gary Marsden from Anglo Saxon who allowed us to play some great music. His web site is at and he also has a MySpace site at I really do want you to visit Gary's page as Gary has been persecuted by the police for his membership of the BNP and he has details and updates on his position. On a lighter note he also has copies of his CD's and T-shirts for sale there and also on iTunes.
And a quick thanks to Saga at and her record distributor Midgård (yes they do overseas orders) at both part of the Swedish nationalist movement.
I must thank one listener who sent in his poems that's AngryVet21, thanks mate.
Plus all the people who have written in and requested songs, thank you all.
Last but not least, I personally should thank GwyntheStig
as he is the real Voice in the Voice of the British Resistance!
Thank you so much Gwyn. 
from the Green Arrow Website