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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Third World Culture Accompanies Third World Immigrants to UK

Third World Culture Accompanies Third World Immigrants

The rise in forced marriages — estimated to be in the region of 10,000 every year, of which 20 percent involve male victims — is yet more evidence that Third World culture has been imported into Britain along with Third World immigrants.
In a disturbing display of the simple truth that a culture is merely the reflection of a people, and that cultures change when the population changes, the incidence of forced marriages in Britain has risen sharply along with the rise in the number of immigrants.
The numbers are so high that the Government has set up a special unit, Forced Marriage Unit (FMU), whose sole job is to “combat” forced marriages.
The FMU’s work is of course hampered by the ever increasing numbers of Third World immigrants pouring into the country.
According to figures released by the FMU, the “majority of cases involve families from South Asia, particularly Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.”
The unit says it estimates that there are 10,000 incidents of forced marriage involving “British nationals” each year and that up to 20 percent of the victims are males.
According to the FMU, it received more than 220 messages from male victims in 2009, an increase from the 134 reported the previous year.
Male immigrants are forced into marriages for “family commitments and expectations, securing visas or the desire to control behaviour and protect a family's reputation.”
Apparently the latter reason means that the immigrant families suspect that the males in question are homosexual.
The FMU went on to warn social workers to be on the lookout during summer when incidents of forced marriage increase as the immigrants visit their countries of origin for holidays. There, the forced marriages are either sought or concluded. 
Professionals working with young people were urged to be vigilant during summer, a time when incidents increase.
According to the RMA, victims of forced marriages are compelled or tricked into going back to their countries of origin.
Those who refuse, the FMU said, are “often locked up, subjected to physical and sexual violence and forcibly removed to other countries if they refuse to comply with their families' wishes.”
The existence of this problem in Britain today is proof that culture and identity is not something which can be taken off like a coat and left at an airport gate, as British National Party MEP Andrew Brons said recently in the European Parliament.
“Third World cultures are like overcoats that can be taken off at the port of entry and replaced with a European cultural overcoat that can be issued with residence and citizenship papers,” Mr Brons said.
 “The children of such immigrants are allegedly as European as the indigenous population. They’re not. Distinctive cultures are made by distinctive peoples and not the other way round.
“We are not the products of our culture; our cultures are the products of our peoples.
“Replacing Europeans with people from the Third World will mean that Europe will be replaced by the Third World. Europe is slowly but steadily being ethnically cleansed of Europeans,” Mr Brons said.