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Monday, 26 July 2010

UK Black Gang Violence Is Destroying Britain

Black Gang Violence Is Destroying Britain’s Cities: Time for Straight Talking

Black criminal gang violence is destroying many of Britain’s inner cities and the time has come for the establishment to stop pretending it is not happening and admit that their disastrous mass immigration policies are the primary cause of this disaster.
Police mug shots of London Field Boys convicted of murder.Police mug shots of London Field Boys convicted of murder.The latest example of the cost of black gun crime has come with the report that Hackney Council now spends £400,000 in taxi bills to move teenagers around the borough because of the high level of gang violence.
The news report, which of course fails to mention race as a factor, blames the violence on gangs such as the “London Field Boys” and the “Hoxton Boys” – both notorious black gangs in the area.
Hackney has one of the highest rates of shootings and stabbings in the country, and one of the largest concentration of black “youths” in London.
According to the book Guns and Gangs — Inside Black Gun Crime, by former BBC home affairs correspondent Graeme McLagan, black gun crime is a “hugely unreported but important modern-day problem - an expensive problem both in terms of money and young lives.
“After terrorism, the single greatest worry for law enforcement agencies is gun crime, and in particular the so-called `black on black` shootings,” reviews of his book said.
According to his figures, black people are the victims of three quarters of the capital`s gun murders and non-fatal shootings. The shooters in 80 per cent of cases are also black.
“The real-life stories are even more shocking. Parents gagged and shot while their children cower under the bed, an innocent women shot for her flashy car, men gunned down simply for showing 'disrespect',” reviews of Mr McLagan’s book read.
“The police have since launched numerous operations to tackle the problem (the big turning point for which came after the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence) but most of these operations have been kept secret over the years - until now.
“The book also describes in detail the difficult and complex operations to catch key players, the community's fear of cooperation and the problem of witness protection.
“Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Nottingham are other cities where life is terrifyingly cheap.
“Murders of children, like Toni-Ann Byfield, the seven-year-old killed with her guardian, crack dealer Bertram Byfield, in October 2003, or 14-year-old Danielle Beccan, shot from a car on her way home from a Nottingham fair a year later, make headlines. But the regularity and similarity of the vast majority of shootings involving those caught up in drug and gang wars mean they attract far less media attention, despite the devastation of dozens of families and the catastrophic effect on neighbourhoods and communities.
“McLagan traces the trends, from the rise of the Jamaican Yardies and the emergence of large scale crack-cocaine dealing in the late 1980s, to the macho posturing of a new generation of British-born black gangs, whose twisted ideals of "respect" and "revenge" have led to people being shot over the most trivial incidents.
“He explores some theories for the prevalence of gun crime among black British youths. He touches on lack of job prospects, the well-documented but largely unexplained educational failure of many black boys, and the dearth of positive male role models in early childhood.
“More than half of the black families in the UK are brought up by one parent, overwhelmingly the mother, compared to one in four white families and one in 10 Indians, according to a 2002 Office of National Statistics report.”
McLagan reports that white police officers “are greeted with sneers and laughter” if they try to tell a young black audience why they should turn away from gun crime.
* The British National Party is adamant that this problem can only be addressed by halting and reversing the tidal wave of Third World immigration into Britain.
It is not acceptable to continually blame white British people for the behaviour of ethnic populations, and if the current situation is left to develop without intervention, this Third World chaos will simply engulf and destroy all of Britain.