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Thursday, 15 July 2010

A Quick Text Mobile Phone way to donate to the British National Party Now

A Quick Text Mobile Phone way to donate to the British National Party 

 What with the elections and the EHCR and the turncoat who brought down the main site for several weeks, thus denying the ability of members and supporter to donate did not help either.

Now some of you will have have received a text message on your mobile phones saying:

Please donate £3 to the BNP by texting  DONATE TO 60777

and quite rightly a few of you have been concerned that it may not be genuine and quite rightly so, if a bright boy like Bennett(lol) can be fooled by a Nigerian Scam then what chance do we ordinary people have.

So, I can confirm that the text message is 100% genuine and ask that you cascade that information where ever you can and I believe it is an excellent way to help the party in its hour of need.   I must confess though, it would have been nice if the British National Party site had published a small article giving notification of this new initiative.
So forget that cheap bottle of wine for today and go text a message texting  DONATE TO 60777  .  You will feel better for it and neither will you have an headache in the morning.
Thats neat.  After you donate (which I did) you get a nice text message back given details how you can donate any amount for 25p up. Like that.  so save the number to your mobile , if you are pay as you go and just have a bit of credit left before a top just donate that, EVERY PENNY HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!