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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

UK Conservatives Abandon Their Principles Once Again over EU

Tories Abandon Their Principles Once Again over EU

The Conservative Party has once again betrayed its supporters, principles and election promises to “roll back” EU powers by agreeing to even more intrusive powers from the superstate.
The latest flip-flop policy decision will allow police officers from other EU member states to spy on an arrest British citizens in Britain for crimes in those other countries, even if they are not crimes here.
According to reports, foreign police will be able to travel to Britain and take part in the arrest of British nationals, place them under surveillance, bug telephone conversations, monitor bank accounts and demand fingerprints, DNA or blood samples.
Even more shockingly, anyone British person who refuses to comply with such a demand can be arrested by British police.
The Tory turnaround is a natural consequence of their coalition with the pro-EU Lid-Dem party, although it was obvious to all sensible observers that David Cameron had no intention of “rolling back” EU powers.
Such a “roll back” policy is impossible under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, as the British National Party alone pointed out.
The choice was always quite clear: accept the terms of the Lisbon Treaty or leave the UE. The Tory leadership simply lied to their voters by promising some half measure.
A statement issued by campaign group Fair Trials International said that the new rules would allow, for example, Spanish police investigating a murder in a nightclub to demand the details of every British citizen who flew to the country in the month the offence took place.
The new powers are known as the European Investigation Order (EIO). Fair Trials International has demanded that Britain stay out of the EIO, saying that it will bring “miscarriages of justice and civil liberties abuses.”
It has also expressed concern over the fact that British police will now be forced to investigate activities which are not even criminal offences in Britain.
The EU has therefore made yet another power grab in its march to utterly destroy the national sovereignty of all European nations and needs to be resisted more strongly than ever before.