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Thursday, 8 July 2010

"Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth; it's a matter of faith." Says Barak Obama

Defined for convenience

In a speech which Barak Obama made last week, he, the president of America, defined being American as follows. "Being an American" he said "is not a matter of blood or birth; it's a matter of faith."

Given the questions which have still not been answered regarding the president's claim to be a "natural born American" and thus eligible to hold the position of US president, one is tempted to say that is a very convenient definition. The implication being the American people should believe that Obama is eligible to serve as their president not on the basis of proof of eligibility but on the basis of faith, which is another word for a belief which does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.

Belief that "the one" was born in Hawaii because he says so, and belief that a "Certification of Live Birth" is the same thing as a birth certificate because he says it is.

However, Obama's definition of American is even more convenient, and flexible, than that, it is not only the definition which enables him to claim he is eligible for the job be holds, but it is one which, if he is very lucky and very devious, may just enable him to stay in the job.

What Obama was talking about, of course, were the millions of illegal immigrants currently in America, the illegal immigrants he disingenuously continues to claim amount to only 11 million but who's numbers most analysts place closer to 40 million, and those same illegal immigrants who offer Obama his only possible chance of being reelected in 2012.

In less than two years the president has lost the support of the whites who fell for his undefined message of hope and change (you can "believe" in) in 2008, and although, as the recent election of Alivin Greene in South Carolina proves, black voters will vote for a black candidate irrespective of merit, there are not yet enough legal non-white voters in America to guarantee an abject presidential failure a second term in office. That is why Obama, and the Democrats, need the illegal ones, who are statistically far more likely to vote Democrat.

This is why, unless the current US administration has hit upon some other means of circumventing democracy, there will almost certainly be an attempt at an amnesty, otherwise known as "comprehensive immigration reform" within the next two years, possibly before the crucial mid-term elections this coming November.

Some believe that the president may even attempt to pardon millions of illegal aliens by Executive order, thus granting them citizenship, and more importantly, voting rights.

Whatever means is attempted, if the current incumbent of the White House has his way, before the US presidential elections in 2012, tens of millions of illegal aliens will become Americans on the basis of faith, Barak Obama's faith that he has a right to the job he is so self evidently unqualified for.