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Saturday, 31 July 2010

US Federal Fudge has slapped down key elements of Arizonas Poular anti- immigration law

A federal judge has slapped down key elements of a controversial anti- immigration law in Arizona, handing a temporary victory to the Obama administration against a rising tide of anti-immigration feeling in the US.
Judge Susan Bolton granted a preliminary injunction which prevents implementation of two main elements of the legislation: the requirement that police determine the immigration status of people they arrest or question should they suspect them of being illegal, and the part of the new law that would make it a state crime for a foreigner to be in Arizona without registration papers.
The injunction will hold, Bolton said, until the courts have considered a lawsuit against Arizona by the federal government that seeks permanently to block the new law on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.
The temporary and partial reprieve marks success, in the short term at least, of attempts by the Obama administration to maintain federal control of immigration policy, against efforts by states, led by Arizona, to take the matter into their own hands. Several states have expressed support for Arizona's legislation that was due to come into effect today.
But the legal ruling risks a potential white backlash as opinion polls have shown consistently high support for the law across the United States.
Showing how the Marxist Liberal Elites are out of touch with the feelings of the General Public in The USA, a sentiment that can be fully sympathised with by the people of Great Britain!