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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

BNP Chairmans Update , Is This The Britain You Want to Live In July 201

Is this the Britain You Want to Live In
Nick Griffin BNP Chairmans Update

Dear Fellow Patriot,
Last week's ban on me entering Buckingham Palace despite
our mandidate of 1 million voters and following an official invitation
just goes to show that, slowly but surely, the pretence of Britain
being a 'democracy' is nothing
but a hollow sham. It doesn't matter which media approved '
mainstream' party you vote for they all stand for the
same policies of multiculturalism and liberalism.
Regardless of who wins an election, most of our laws
and the major political decisions facing our country
are made by foreigners in the EU.
We live in a Britain where elected MEPs
are attacked outside Parliament, where
people with politically incorrect views are
banned from certain professions and where a
tightly controlled state and private mass
media condemns, vilifies and demonises certain viewpoints.
It is time we reflected on the terrible future
that awaits our country, our children and grand-children.
If the politicians and the media have their way,
our country will be totally overrun by the masses of the Third-World,
we will be ruled from Brussels,
we will be a despised, second-class minority in our own homeland.
Is that the future you want for your children?
Will you regret it when it is too late and
you wished you would
have joined the British Resistance when you had the chance?
The British National Party is Britain's fastest growing political party,
with dozens of councillors, a seat on the
Greater London Assembly and two seats in the European Parliament.
The clock is ticking, our country is dying,
and our beautiful innocent children are depending on us to save their future.
Here are the different membership options:

METHOD #1: Join the British Resistance

The BNP is the only hope for our country, for our children and grand-children.
There are thousands of people receiving this e-bulletin that are not members yet.
Why not join the British Resistance to political correctness,
multiculturalism and the enforced colonisation of our country.
Membership costs only £30:

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METHOD #2: Become a Life Member

Life members are that small elite of British patriots
that sign-up to the Cause of British Nationalism for life,
not just for one year. Life membership comes with various other attractive benefits:

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METHOD #3: Become a Gold Member

Gold members stand out from the crowd due to the unique gold membership badge
that all Gold members wear with pride. Gold membership costs just £60
and shows that little bit of extra commitment to the Cause of British survival:

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METHOD #4: Upgrade your membership

For the thousands of existing BNP members out there why not upgrade your
membership to Gold or even Life? Upgrading your membership
shows your commitment to our Cause and provides real and
substantial benefits to you and the Party:

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Thank you in advance for your loyalty and support.
Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

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