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Friday, 2 July 2010

Unemployment to Soar But British People Put Last: 25% of All Jobs in Britain Filled by Non-Indigenous Workers

British People Put Last: 25% of All Jobs in Britain Filled by Non-Indigenous Workers

The British National Party’s claim that immigration hurts job prospects for British people has been confirmed with new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) which show that an astonishing 25 percent of all jobs are now filled by non-indigenous workers.
The shocking figures also showed that in London, non-indigenous workers accounted for up to 70 percent of all jobs in many areas.
In the borough of Newham, where work has been most plentiful due to the location of the Olympic site, seven out of every 10 jobs are filled by workers not born in Britain.
Some 65,100 out of the 93,700 posts there are filled by foreigners, despite government promises that the Olympics would provide employment for local people.
There are nine council areas with 40 percent and above workers from outside Britain and 13 areas with 30 percent and above non-British workers.
In addition, the ONS figures showed that non-indigenous workers hold 20 percent of the jobs in 22 other council areas of London.
Outside London, the areas where the largest numbers of jobs are taken by immigrants are Slough, Leicester, Luton, Reading, Cambridge, Manchester and Oxford.
According to official Government figures issued on 15 June 2010, the unemployment rate stands at 7.9 percent, up 0.1 percent over the quarter and 0.6 percent over the year.
In real terms, this means that unemployment in February to April was 2.47 million,   up by 23,000 on the quarter and 192,000 from a year previously. The claimant count for key out-of-work benefits was 1,481,100 in May.
This figure does not include the officially defined “economically inactive” segment of the UK population, which is estimated to be in excess of 8 million.
* According to the ONS, legal migration into Britain in 2008 was as follows:
Total: 590,000
UK citizens: 85,000
EU nationals: 198,000
Rest of the world: 307,000.
These figures do not include illegal immigration or “asylum seekers,” and as such are a underrepresentation of the facts.