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Friday, 9 July 2010

New Video: The Colonisation of Birmingham UPDATED

New Video: The Colonisation of Birmingham UPDATED: Radio RWB Interview with Roger Phillips

A dramatic new video from the innovative South Wales BNP team under super activist Roger Phillips have produced yet another video illustrating the colonisation of Britain – this time in Birmingham – which promises to be as big a YouTube hit as their other “Wembley” video last year.
The 8 minute video shows how Muslims have colonised vast areas of Birmingham, ethnically cleansed British people from the streets, built mosques, turned schools into Islamic centres and have even started painting “Free Palestine” murals on the walls.
This video is the first documented evidence of how decades of Tory and Labour rule has allowed the British people to be usurped in their own land.
Watch this video, see what is being done to Britain and then join the fight back by supporting, joining or becoming active in the British National Party.

* The Joey Smith Show on Radio RWB featuring an interview with the man, the legend, Roger Phillips who is behind the latest BNP Wales video: The Colonisation of Birmingham. Just follow the link below and click on the RWB Player launch on the right.