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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Andrew Brons MEP, BNP Educated Politician Vs Weyman Bennet UAF Thug and Retard, Radio Interviews

Andrew Brons MEP, BNP Educated Politician Vs Weyman Bennet UAF Thug and Retard, Radio Interviews,

Author the Horwich Nationalists

Andrew Bron



This Radio interview of Andrew Brons shows how much of a educated and articulate BNP representative the British People have in the European Parliament, Mr Brons easily answers all the hostile questions in a polite and informed manner showing how much of a gentleman and informed politician he is.

weyman Bennett Of the UAF

And yet on the other hand you will hear the spokesman of the violent Marxist UAF weyman Bennett, ( who was arrested for organising violence against the English in Bolton this early this year, pictured). go into a, what can only be described a retard diatribe of lies and false accusations , so bad that even the biased media types had to call a end abruptly to he's section of the interview. 

But the most alarming aspect of this collection of violent Marxist thugs called the UAF, is that the are being supported by our present Prime Minister Cameron, who is signed up to their charter. 

This shows quite clearly that the Old Party political elite are using not only repressive anti free speech laws and race hate quangos such as the EHCR , to quash our ancient liberties, but are also the sponsors of a violent political militia , similar to those run by Robert Mugabees Zanu PF party in Zimbabwe.

please listen to this interview , and then decide if you should just idly sit by and watch your children's hard won freedom be taken away from them.  use this link to join or donate the British National Party and resist the True LIB/LAB/CON Fascist parties in Britain today