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Friday, 16 July 2010

Importing votes. Why not Import a Prime Minister?

Author: BC1959 | 

From the Green Arrow and Freinds

Future Prime Minister of Britain?
Regardless of the troubles and strife all parties have to go through, including ours, there is always room for humour. Indeed it is necessary for our sanity. And as some commentators on the Green Arrow have pointed out with other articles of mine, the humour does not necessarily go beyond a real future scenario. The picture accompanying this semi humorous article, has a similarity to that of one of the candidates put forward by New labour, after the international gold smuggler and pensions thief, Gordon Brown was unceremoniously helped out of office.

The women in the picture are from Africa, but with voters now being imported into Britain, as seen with the recent brilliant campaign by Richard Barnbrook, in which he still came second, and voting allowed to be imported by the bag load from foreign climes by the thousand, it is not beyond this insane (MOG) Marxist Occupied Government, to actually import a future leader because the position ''is unhealthily white''.

The recent report, boldly proffered by the BBC, said that GCHQ, our number one first line defence and security stop, was ''not diverse enough''. Also, there was a similar report that said: ''One in five people, are now an ethnic minority, and within a few years, the population will reach 78 million''. All true of course, but the one position still ''not diverse enough'' is that of Prime Minister. With America now safely in the hands of ''President'' Obama, and blacks who had never bothered with the political process bussed in to vote en masse to ensure this victory for equality, as we all know, Britain will surely follow.

So, if anyone knows the whereabouts of the lady in the picture, please contact Trevor Phillips, or whatever his real African name is. He's at HQ at least three times a week, and it would give him something else to do instead of attacking the BNP leader. After all, he must surely be very embarrassed indeed to take all that tax payers money of nearly £90,000 per year for just three days a week, him being a Leninist and all that. The post would include an armour plated car, bodyguards from the cream of the cream, a salary that in your own country, would enable you to buy a whole city, a multitude of servants, and all the wine and beer you could throw down your neck.

Whilst we are on the subject of diversity, and our institutions still too white, it might be worth mentioning that the latest crime figures are also far too one dimensional. How so? Well you see, apparently, it is now obvious that whites don't make up enough serious crimes, and that only blacks, Asians, and new arrival ''refugees'' seem to be ''filling'' those horrible, all too smelly and cramped prisons.

So I think a little advice is needed which would help ease our first black Prime Minister into his or her new role. Firstly, if you put more cameras into operation, you can catch more traffic violation, including driving at 32MPH in a 30MPH zone, and then ''offering the criminal a lower price for agreeing to the crime without going to court.'' Secondly, you could increase the prison sentence for white folk accused of racism, to say, 15 years. Thirdly, you could, with help from a £25 an hour interpreter, jail any political leader who says things like: Britain is Full Up, Close The Doors Now. And: The British National Party - Putting The British people First. Plus: Working To Secure A Future For British Children. I mean, with a black British leader, we couldn't have that kind of thing now could we?

Readers will note of course, the last paragraph contains all the things we have seen anyway up to this point, and the only humorous/worrying points are the increases in sentencing and fines. They will surely come, and believe me, if we do end up with an immigrant Prime Minister, the humour will fast fade away. America is now realising all too late that, having an immigrant in the ''White House'', is no joking matter, and having one at No10 Downing Street, will not make this country more equal, but more sick, more burdened with debt, and more like Robert Mugabe's Marxist paradise, Zimbabwe.

Anyway, if anyone knows the lady above, please tell her Trevor Phillips has a car waiting at Heathrow, with a full selection of drinks, a Che' Guevara tee Shirt, and list of nasty white racists, provided by former members of the horrid BNP, who have now seen the light.