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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Conservative MP faces legal action over burkas or niqabs , Dunkirk Danger

Author Horwich nationalists

A Conservative MP has been warned he could face legal action if he refuses to meet constituents who wear burkas or niqabs, which hide their faces.
Lawyers for pressure group Liberty have written to Philip Hollobone stating the Equality Act obliges him to avoid discrimination.

This is just showing once again how Enoch Powell's famous speech has come to fruition, in were is stated quite clearly, " that soon the Black man would hold the whip hand over the white man" of this nation.

Their are a couple of thing I would like to ask, one is who funds these groups such as liberty and also why these groups have such open double standards of allowing women in the 21st century to be oppressed in such a Medieval oppressive dress code.
In my mind the first point the is that the Marxist political elite now running Parliament fund such groups as Liberty & the EHCR to subvert the natural law of free speech paid for the blood of millions in this nation, while appearing not directly involved.
On the second point it is quite obvious that the type of mindless morons involved in groups such as Liberty are nothing but open Marxists who do not give a damm about the freedom of a woman's choice of clothing , but have their own agenda . mainly of f closing down the peoples free speech or debate by the use of the laws their closet Marxists pals in Parliament Pass under the guise of a tolerance agenda.
Or even worse they are  deluded do gooders who lacking imagination or fore sight cannot see that they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction, by their misguided actions.
 It is now time for the British People to take action against these Political Monsters that now are hell bent on the destruction of this Nation it,s People and Culture. 
For now our Nation is in a even GREATER PERIL than what it was at the time of the Dunkirk evacuations. their our enemy was from without and open in his intentions of the destruction of our nation. But now we have an enemy that is from within and is not open with his intentions of our annihilation! And all that is required for this EVIL to truimph, and I mean it EVIL for it is based on the works of the Satanist Karl Marx, is for good men and women to stand by and do NOTHING!
So you must decide that now is the time for you take take responsibility for not only your future but for that of your childrens and your childrens children futures!

For goodness sake join the men and women in the movement that is growing every day in size, and that is the only one willing to battle this EVIL openly and with the truth! please join the British National Party and help save your tommorows. by clicking on this link