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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Lawful Rebellion is Not An Anarchy in the UK

  Lawful Rebellion is Not      Anarchy in the UK

From a post from Pete Mitchel
There seems to be plenty of folk who think Lawful Rebellion to be some form of anarchy, that it breaks all bonds with the institution of governance. That couldn't be further from the truth. Lawful Rebellion is not Freeman on the Land anarchistic rhetoric!
The point of entering into a state of rebellion against the Crown by obeying the order of the Crown to rebel, distress and distrain, seizing its assets and buildings etc, is to compel the Crown to return to a state of protecting our liberties and administrating the affairs of the country for our benefit.
Like it or not, this realm has a set of laws for all of us regardless of status. The current ruling class has broken these laws with its attempts to enslave the population through its acts of treason. Our stance in obeying the law is not to cut ourselves off from governance but to reinstate it to its former position of a fair and just administration.
Once remedy against the offenses of the Crown are met, it will be our duty to return administrating power back into the hands of trusted individuals and the state of Lawful Rebellion will no longer be required. After this, rebellion will become unlawful unless a new circumstance makes invoking the security clause a necessary action.
Being in Lawful Rebellion is not a removal of oneself but a statement of your wish to have our country fixed and our treasonous ruling classes dealt with via the use of law.
If you follow the freeman thing and surrender your N.I. number, driving license, drive with no insurance, and generally surrender your entire citizenship of Britain and every other nuance they contrive from their ill conceived interpretation of legislation, then you will deserve all the trouble and hassle that action brings to your life.
If, however, you choose to obey the Royal command to piss off the state with all your might without fear, then you hold all the cards. You get to take from the state everything you can without fear of doing anything wrong. Committing legislated offences but not common law crimes is right up there in the terms of distressing them without fear of reprisal. You either swear your oath and do what you are commanded to do, or you do the freeman thing and at worse, find yourself incarcerated or perhaps even dead, who can say?. It's not pretty for those who remain within the system and the only way out is Lawful Rebellion.
Remember, Magna Carta was set up to protect us all with agreements from all three sides of our population, the rulers, the Lords of the lands and the people. An agreement that stands forever and is currently still very much active as the law of the land. Lose your fear and join the rebellion.