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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The plight of Ann Richardson and the massive case of corruption

Good afternoon rebels,
Now some of you will already be aware of the plight of Ann Richardson and the massive case of corruption and theft committed against her and her family, by a cabal of solicitors, bailiffs and an extremely corrupt (alleged) Judge.
The lawful rebellion movement (Glastonbury) has taken this appalling matter to heart and it is now the FLAGSHIP case of the movement.
One of our honourable group members took on Anne's case and has been acting with power of attorney in this matter for sometime now. At least 40 Notices have been served on all parties involved in this matter so far and we have only just begun!!
All of the individuals are on Notice of article 61's invocation and ALL have acquiesced to the evidential truth in law. We are going after them ALL.
A post detailing the appalling circumstances of this corruption and what we are doing about it will be supplied by our honourable group member very soon.
THIS IS AN APPEAL FOR YOUR HELP to support our actions and to support poor Anne.
They are attempting to STEAL her last remaining shackles of her and her families estate, around £45,000 which is still being held by one of the solicitors (thieves) despite being put on Notice of the lawful truth. Treason Notices are now being served.
How can you help? Well initially we would be grateful for any donations if you can spare a quid? We are going to be descending on North Wales in the near future as the criminal activity that we can clearly evidence must now be reported to North Wales Police Constabulary and, we have put the Chief Constable of North Wales on Notice of the facts for good measure.
Any donations received will be used for expenses, road trips, paperwork etc with all remaining funds being forwarded on to Anne.
We are demanding a properly convened court de jure for the truth of this matter to be heard in a court of law, so that justice can be seen to be done. I am now going after Theresa May (imposter Home Secretary) to demand a hearing under constitutional law. It would be High Treason to deny Anne due process of law. I am also being granted power of attorney in the matter as I would very much like to conduct such a hearing.
Letters of support to Anne would also be much appreciated (address will follow...possibly a c/o address as we don't feel it wise to publish Anne's address on the internet, writing letters of support for Anne's plight to the North Wales police constabulary would also a great help, it can only help if they know that she and we are well supported, state that you demand justice to be done in this case and that you are acting as a common law witness in the matter perhaps...something like that, keep it short and to the point.
More will follow when Davy outlines the facts of this case and posts it in the group.
This case could be the one that brings the whole criminal regime crashing down. If we are unsuccessful then it will only be for the lack of your support, and if that is the case then we may as well pack up and go home...... YOUR COUNTRY NEED YOU NOW!! this is not much to ask. Peace.