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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Adolf Hitler — ‘My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see i was right.

Adolf HitlerMy spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see i was right.

By Neil  Whitelam
I have wondered this myself, why was all trace of National socialist Germany rubbed off the face of the planet.
Why were all the head guys executed, why were all their country houses, private accomodations levelled to the ground, why was Germany levelled to the ground, Why was WW2 started by Churchill ?, Why to this day is it still politically correct to slag off the Germans, Why has the alleged holocaust become a historical fact even though there is massive amounts of evidence that prove lies have been told. why! why ? there are lots of WHY'S.
One thing is for sure, during the passage of time more and more secret documents are been released or uncovered that paint quite a different picture on the one we have been spoon fed
IF TONY BLAIR could swindle, bamboozle, kid, deceive the majority of the UK to justify Gulf war 2 and A-stan with all the modern media weapons at his disposal HOW EASY WOULD IT HAVE been for Churchill and CO to hoodwink the British population with only state controlled radio, news papers and cinema at his disposal - fuck sake he could have told us the moon was made of cheese and we would have fell for it.
In fact Orson Wells proved the power of radio when he caused US nation wide panic when he broadcast war of the world in 1938 - mmmm one year before the war broke out in 1939, a test run perhaps?
The fact is the world bankers, the global swindlers, worldwide power brokers ,WANT TO STAY IN CONTROL via debt, oppression , suffering and hardship. The last thing they want is for people to work in harmony, world peace, debt less society, prosperity and good health for all AND THAT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IS THE TRUE REASON WHY GERMAN NATIONAL SOCIALISM HAS BEEN DEMONISED AND RUBBED OUT.
They dont want this pure natural ideology ever to become popular again, for if it did it would signal the end of their reign of power over this planet. 


Added note from Horwich Nationalists , Just watch the video below