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Sunday, 19 August 2012

What the Black Enrichers really think of us whites

What the Black Enrichers really think of us whites

Written by Green Arrow
madblack 140 x 167Individually, there are some decent black folk and occasionally some of them show signs of above average intelligence for their race but overall they are a jealous and vindictive people, who rather than admit their own inadequacies need to fix the blame on someone else for their own shortcomings - and that someone else is ALWAYS the white race.
Now check out the video, below that is of some lunatic enricher to Our Country, whose honesty about black peoples real views on the White British People, whose country they are unwanted guests in, is quite refreshing.
Now why this butt ugly creature with no understaning of geography would think white people would want to look like her is beyond my reasoning, if anything it is black people who are buying skin whitening products and straightening their hair and just why anyone would want to walk around with buttocks the size of a waddling hippopotamus is also beyond my reasoning.

Way to go girl. Let us hope some "white cunt" police officers go knocking on your door soon and let us hope that they bang you up the way they did Liam Stacey and Jacqueline Woodhouse who were jailed for simply speaking the truth.  They had a valid reason for their rants, the black animal in the video has no such excuse.  She is just a black being black and revealing what they really think of us.

Now dull, thick, moronic white liberals can say that we are all equal, well the thing in that video may be your equal but it is certainly not mine.  Are you missing him yet?  I am.

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