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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Shafarevich & McAtee on the Irrationality of Marxism doctrine

For the very reason that the basic driving force of socialist ideology is subconscious and emotional, reason and rational discussion of the facts have always played only a subordinate role in it. The socialist doctrines are reconciled with contradictions with an ease reminiscent of ‘prelogical’ primitive thinking, which functions outside any framework of consistency, as described by Levy-Bruhl. They are equally unconcerned with the fact that socialist conclusions are radically at odds with experience. Most astonishing of all is that these contradictions do not diminish the impact of the doctrine in the least.
Marxism reflects all these traits to a remarkable degree. Well known thinkers have pointed out numerous fundamental contradictions, each of which would have been sufficient to demonstrate the groundlessness of a theory that lays claim to be scientific. For example, Berdiaev demonstrated that the concept of dialectical materialism is contradictory, since it attributes to matter a logical category — dialectics. Stammler showed that the idea of of historical determinism postulated by Marxism contradicts its own appeal to influence history, since it is equivalent to taking a conscious decision to turn with the earth around the sun. (Sergius Bulgakov paraphrased this as follows: ‘Marxism predicts the onset of socialism just as astronomy predicts the beginning of the lunar eclipse, and to bring about the eclipse it organizes a political party.’) The very heart of Marxist doctrine — the labor theory of value — was demolished by the work of the Austrian school (in particular by Bohm-Bawerk) and has been abandoned by political economy. Yet even without this heart, Marxism proved to be capable of survival.
Igor Shafarevich, from “The Socialist Phenomenon”
In Marxism, we have a philosophy that has been shown to be inherently contradictory in several of its key claims (with its dialectical materialism and labor theory of value) and flat-out wrong about several of its observations (its historical determinism and its idea that capitalism always precedes and yields socialism). Second, we see that Marxism is a theory which is reverse-engineered only after the desired conclusions are embraced. Further, we have the clear death-delivering record of Marxism in the works of men like Robert Conquest, R. J. Rummel, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn; and yet despite all this, the death-loving, self-destructing, man-enslaving, Satan-glorifying doctrine of Marxism lives on and is even at this moment being pursued in this country.
What else can this drive to death be characterized as, except as the social order of hell, inspired by Lucifer himself?
And yet, despite the clear testimony that Marxism is anti-Christ to its core, we have a whole school of thought (R2K) that has arisen and is telling the Church that the Church has no authority to speak to anti-Christ Marxist social theory from the pulpit.