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Friday, 17 August 2012

A New World Order: The Greatest Conspiracy

A New World Order: The Greatest Conspiracy
by Spencer Pearson
Back in 1947, before U2 and SR-71 Blackbird spyplanes, before reconnaissance satellites, some genius in the US Military came up with a brilliant plan to spy on the USSR. The deal was simple enough, simply attach a big camera to a high altitude balloon let it drift with the prevailing winds over Russia clicking away every 30 seconds and collect it once it had emerged into “free” airspace once again. The wheeze was on, transparently codenamed Project Skyhook and within weeks Secret Service goons were happily running around the world with canisters of helium, state of the art cameras and full re-imbursement expense accounts. However on the 8th of July the fun came to a crashing halt when one of the balloons sprang a leak, staggered a couple of miles from its launch site and splattered itself, and its top secret cargo, all over a stretch of nowhere of which no one had ever heard.

In a deep funk the boffins scraped up the remnants of their balloon babbling about weather experiments and insisting the local hicks shut their filthy mouths. This was a mistake. If they had left it where it was, maybe sending a pick-up full of GIs to collect the scrap a couple of days later no-one, least of all the KGB, would have ever heard of Roswell, New Mexico. Instead the denizens of the scruffy fly blown town decided to assess the significance of the incident by the response to it of the US military, which was hysterical. Add a dash of H G Wells and a legend - an entire industry in fact- was born.
Roswell Weather balloon
Birth of an industry - the Roswell spy balloon

We can only imagine that at some point during the inevitable subsequent ass-kicking inquest into the disaster it was noted that however much of a shambles the incident had been somehow the actual nature of Project Skyhook and its intention had escaped everyone. It would seem that the Russians themselves decided the incident was too ridiculous for serious consideration and only became aware of Uncle Sam’s ballooning escapades when, in a foretaste of the Gary Powers episode, they found a camera marked “Property of the US Department of Defence” in a Siberian forest some five years later.
The implications of the Roswell Incident for the US Military was clear, the best way to avoid interest in their nefarious activities was to allow, maybe even gently encourage, the public to disperse its interest in an effort guaranteed to excite contempt from every serious citizen. For the next half a century the reaction of any member of society, who valued their position in it, upon witnessing anything unusual in the sky, like for example a massive fireball hurtling over a major population centre, was to swear they had seen nothing. The study of undoubted cases of suspicious potentially military High Weirdness all over the Western World was contaminated by an infestation of “investigators” with an agenda upon which Zeta Reticuli was frequently prominent. Thus the military was left free to do whatever it liked, safe in the knowledge that if anything went wrong aliens would get the blame and not them.
Might the US, and maybe other, militaries have encouraged this happy state of affairs, might they have buzzed a few vulnerable people, released a few ambiguous documents, crank called some paranoid ufologists? Certainly it would have been a laugh. Equally certainly it would have been perhaps the most cost effective disinformation screen ever erected. Unlike the elaborate and expensive inflatable armies of World War Two, the UFO smoke screen practically generated itself. It was as if the USAF had recruited half a million volunteers to collaborate in a massive deception. Indeed these people absolutely insisted and had the US Military been seized by a sudden and uncharacteristic fit of conscience they couldn’t have dissuaded them anyway.
Political radicalism 'subverted'
The outrageous success of the UFO disinformation and misdirection campaign can not have gone unnoticed by other agencies, state and otherwise, with other agendas. The obvious field for the application of such techniques, and one in which there was a pressing need to apply something, was that of political radicalism.
The appeal of misdirecting and subverting radical movements to elites is obvious. State involvement is taken as a given by all observers of radicalism from all perspectives, indeed is acknowledged by several states. In the post-war West in particular the vast power of the critiques of establishment power and the naked parody of democracy demanded that, as a matter of survival, the elites attempt to disrupt radical political movements. 

The US state in particular faced a serious problem in that its own ludicrous anti-Soviet propaganda might as well have been designed to promote right wing radicalism. That it should take some sort of action to mitigate this is only common sense. As it is the increasingly crazed theocratic Republicans are probably largely the product of fifty years of anti-socialist state propaganda. Had steps not been taken to prevent even more severe radicalisation the Tea Party movement might now be considered as holding the same position on the American political spectrum as Tony Blair does on the British.
So we can therefore construct a persuasive hypothesis that we should be able to discern evidence of the effects of disinformation and misdirection campaigns on the radical right. This is very much like saying we should have been able to detect evidence of storm damage in New Orleans after the visitation of Hurricane Katrina. Everywhere on the right of the radical spectrum we find people and groups rendered completely ineffective and hopelessly confused as a result of imbibing stories which range from the extremely unlikely to the outright ludicrous. On the wilder fringe, such as the commonly held belief in the continued supremacy of Elizabeth the Second over the Western elites (a la Lyndon LaRouche), we can only conclude that such ideas were deliberately constructed in an attempt to plumb the depth of credibility in some narcotic orgy by an elite team of fiction writers.
Queen Elizabeth
Elizabeth II - "criminal mastermind" of pan European network - apparently!
So complete is this misdirection that individuals who maintain radical right positions from an analysis of sociology, philosophy, history or any other rational intellectual pursuit are almost none existent. Those that do exist have not only to contented with the consequences of the misdirection of the radical right but brave the opprobrium that misdirection has generated in the general public. Therefore right wing intellectuals must have sufficient qualities to both disregard the dismal intellectual condition of the radical right and brave the hatred aimed at it as a result. Needless to say few such individuals have been discovered.
So we have a motive, a method, and a scene of utter devastation to support our hypothesis that the radical right has been the target of a totally successful disinformation and misdirection campaign. But can we find a mechanism by which this could have been effected, a concrete evidence backed narrative of how this was done?
Koch-up or conspiracy?
Fred Koch, born in the USA in 1900, founder of the second largest industrial concern in the USA today, Koch Industries. In 1927 Fred, a brilliant Chemist, invented a new method of converting oil into petrol, and was promptly sued by the established oil companies who filed no less than 44 suits against him. Koch eventually won all but one, and it was later proved that the judge in that case had been bribed. Having been effectively excluded from the American market Koch sold his expertise overseas, in particular to the USSR where he built 15 plants between ‘29 and ‘32, receiving $5 million US dollars from the Soviets for his efforts. Koch spent a substantial period of time in the USSR where he was assigned a personal political instructor, Jerome Livshitz, who schooled him in communist ideology. So here we have a guy with a grudge against the capitalist system which royally screwed him and who was welcomed and enriched by the Soviets, as well as indoctrinated.
So you’d expect this guy to at least have some sympathies with the communists, right? You’d not really expect him to be a massive fan of capitalism, the West and its values, right? You wouldn’t necessarily expect him to, say, start a rabidly right wing anti-communist political organisation backed by hundreds of thousands of Soviet sourced dollars?

Well then you’d be wrong because that is exactly what he did.
From 1958 Koch founded and financed the John Birch Society, named after a US intelligence officer killed whilst hanging around in China in 1945. Koch claimed to have been appalled by what he had seen in Russia and most of the early work of the Society was simple McCarthy style anti-communist stuff. Within a couple of years, having established an audience on the Right, it changed tack and began to propagate the conspiracy theory which now dominates the radical right; the one world communist government objective of the UN referred to, even at this early stage, as the 'New World Order'.
Fred Koch
Fred Koch - industrialist and founder of John Birch Society
Just as is still the case the John Birch Society maintained, in spite of all reason or observational evidence , that the US government itself, all of it, was in on the plot.

The John Birch Society officially rejected anti -Semitism and anti-zionism. (In the radical right sense as opposed to a Jewish conspiracy rather than in the usual understanding of the term, to be in favour of a Jewish homeland in the Levant). It did however make sure that its propaganda reached the anti-Semitic radical right since Dr William Luther Pierce (author of the notorious Turner Diaries and founder of various overtly Nazi organisations) was a founding member. Through this direct link the John Birch Society was able to export its“ideas” into the traditional anti-Semitic right where they were rapidly assimilated into the ancient narrative. The effect of having these ideas associated with despised and discredited anti-Jewish elements ensured that they would never reach a mainstream audience.
For the last fifty years the John Birch Society has poured a steady stream of disinformation and misdirection into the radical right. It “seeded”conspiracy theories into anti-establishment organisations and ideas where they found a ready audience who then developed these ideas into concepts even more fanciful and unpalatable than the original disinformation. This is an exact parallel of the UFO disinformation campaign's “seeding” that movement with ideas which were bound to put it outside the mainstream and render it ridiculous and ineffective.
Once initiated well-targeted disinformation and misdirection campaigns gather their own momentum and become self sustaining. In the case of the disinformation and misdirection campaign aimed at the radical right the process effectively destroyed the entire threat to the establishment from the “right wing” analysis and critique.
Whether Koch really was, as he maintained, opposing communism or whether he was a Soviet asset carrying out a mission to wreck the Western radical right tradition the effect was the same. What is beyond reasonable doubt is that the John Birch Society was a project tasked with spreading disinformation and misdirection into right wing radicalism.
Everything you have just read is based on fact, entirely drawn from a few wiki pages. The conspiracy theory which you have just studied may be true, but the point is that it is a conspiracy theory obeying all the rules and techniques used in their generation. No doubt most of the intended audience will simply reject it because of their prior investment in the traditional conspiracy theories of the radical right. However since there is no more or less evidence for this theory than those traditional ones if they do then they must accept that their belief system is not based on evidence based rational analysis, it’s based on faith.
If the radical right is to be redeemed then it must reject all conspiracy analysis. We know that even if there are elements of truth within those theories we can not hope, much less expect, to be able to disentangle those elements from the huge quantities of disinformation which surround them. The radical right’s objection to the establishment of the West is not that it carried out 9/11, but that its actions are immoral, unjust and likely to have, at the very least, a detrimental effect on the world. The radical right should not oppose a single global state because it is run by Jews, the Masons, Bilderbergers or the Skull and Bones Society but because it is contrary to our values and beliefs surrounding freedom and self determination. The British radical right should critique the Establishment’s political process not as some sort of Frankfurt School puppet show but as a subversion of the nation’s self determination and democracy.
Skull and Bones
Web of conspirators or harmless college club - Yale's Skull and Bones Society
Ultimately we know that the vast Brothers Grimm style book of Conspiracy Fairy Tales which makes up about 95% of the radical right’s arguments is unsalable and presents no threat to the political system it opposes. Meanwhile there are serious critiques and aspirations with huge potential power which are barely understood much less promoted. If the radical right is to be revived as a political and intellectual force it is these ideas which must supplant silly conspiracy theories as its main focus.
Post Script: During the late 90's the environmental group Greenpeace discovered a monumental disinformation campaign being financed to challenge the climate change consensus of mainstream science. The owner of one of America's largest industrial concerns was proved to have funnelled millions of dollars to groups which were united by only one common interest; "climate scepticism". Ever since Greenpeace and other environmental groups have fought a running battle to expose this misinformation campaign which they now claim has had over sixty one million dollars spent on it by one organisation alone. Disinformation is real.
Post Post Script: The name of that organisation? Koch Industries.