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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Total War the End Game

Total War - End Game

Total War since 1945
fascistiAdolf Hitler was the greatest enemy of Nationalism, because he poisoned the ideology in the mind of the population of the world to such an extent that any further advancement was impossible.
Despite the obvious advantages of the political approaches driven first in Italy and then in Germany, every aspect of the positive appeal of the movements behind the approaches has been made negative by history and the spin of a left wing media.
I am not a Fascist because the name belongs to a failed political ideology driven by the former Socialist newspaper editor Benito Mussolini, and is named for the bundle of reeds and axe emblem from the time of Rome.
As a vehicle of social change and a counter for Marxist extremism in 1920’s Italy it was necessary and despite the lies of the left had a positive impact on the Italy of the 1920’s and early 1930’s.
I am not a NAZI because the name belongs to a failed political ideology driven by a former German army veteran and police informer Adolf Hitler, and was named after the National Socialism which was at its root.
People tend to forget that many German socialists joined the NAZI party because of its social policies, and once again as a vehicle for social change and a counter to the Marxist extremism in the Germany of the 20’s and 30’s it had a positive impact on the well being of the German nation.
Dawes PlanBecause of the left wing bias of the media and education system we find that the world financial situation both before World War One and throughout the period towards the catastrophe of the Second World War is obscured, and no mention is given in Western schools of the part of world Marxism, and the role of Jewish intellectuals in the rise of Marxist ideology. Nor is there any mention of the role of Jewish financiers in the world financial situation of the time. The Dawes and Young plan is hardly mentioned.
Most nationalists are aware that world Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933, yet this financial war was a side that people continue to be unaware of when faced with the more obvious actions which occurred in the military sphere.
The end of the war saw the failure of Fascism and its partner Nazism, and the victories of the “democratic” nations of Europe and of course their financial backers.
No doubt that had Hitler won his plans in Europe would have meant that our view of history would be different, it is the victor who writes the history of the world, and it is the victor who ignores the crimes of the victorious allied powers.
Bilderberg and Albert Speer
sur-le-vif-germany-wins-001In 1942 Albert Speer, Hitler’s chief architect submitted his plans for a Europe after Germany had won the war. The Pan Germanic Co-Prosperity Sphere was an expansion of a vision first planned by the German General Staff in World War One, and extended by Speer, as a concept of a European Union under German Domination.
It was this concept which was taken up by the victorious allies as a means of unifying a post war Europe.
The idealism of the liberals in Western Europe to avert another war was as strong as the financier’s plans to make money from a broken Europe through the Marshall Plan.
This mindset was given substance in 1954 with the foundation of the Bilderberg Group, and the combined plans of the financiers and liberal power elite.
The Bilderberg Group and Cultural Marxism
It was with the best liberal intentions that they met on that day in May to decide the future of Europe, and of course they had no idea of the Pandora’s Box they were about to open.
Albert Speer had given them the template, they had won, and the future was theirs. Prosperity would only be assured with continued peace and that was the basis of their argument. Like the Concert of Europe that came before, they reasoned that the only way to prevent war in Europe was the destruction of national identity, and its replacement by a European super state.
The Cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt and Birmingham schools shaped the social aspects of the destruction of the nation state from within. This was developed into Political Correctness and is arguably the same destructive force under a different name.
The Trilateral Commission
david rockefellerThe Trilateral Commission founded by David Rockefeller was the logical expansion of the financial aspects of Cultural Marxism, designed on the maxim of “he who controls money controls the world”, is a means of ensuring peace in Europe by controlling the finances of Europe. Prosperity it is assumed brings peace.

An Unholy Alliance
It is through the mindset of the liberal elite that we must look at the actions of such groups who wish to control the destiny of the world with the best of liberal intentions.
The original ideal of Germany has been expanded by others to encompass the whole world, with liberal idealism and good intentions being replaced by greed and corruption.
On 11th September 1990 George Bush spoke in his speech entitled Towards a New World Order in which he outlined the objectives of a post Soviet world.
“A world where the United Nations, freed from cold war stalemate, is poised to fulfil the historic vision of its founders. A world in which freedom and respect for human rights find a home among all nations.”
It is this flawed vision of a New World Order founded on liberal principles, and financed by the usual suspects that is inadvertently leading to the destruction of the Western World.
The United Nations is dominated by the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission.
But how to bring forward a New World Order
Total War by any Means
Since the rise of the organisations which make up the New World Order, and the infiltration of every aspect of nation states, by its acolytes and NLP recruits we find that its best intentions have been changed to compensate for world events.
The rise of Islam and the fall of the USSR could not have been foreseen in 1954, and although there are thousands of think tanks devoted to the subject of trends, it is difficult to bring forward a plan of world domination when you cannot plan for the unforeseen circumstance.
Since the 1960’s the grip of the power elite has steadily tightened on our individual freedom to ensure that the public have limited impact upon the plans of our betters. This war by any means includes the reduction of the knowledge and intelligence of our children by the dumbing down of education, and the lowering of standards is all part of this process.
The control of the media has controlled the flow of information to the ignorant masses, as has the move from earth bound to terrestrial communications. In the future only the liberal elite will be able to gain access to real knowledge. Just as the church in the middle ages jealously guarded its knowledge, so the New World Order will guard theirs.
Of course the means by which such power is maintained and controlled is by an education and training system that ensures the docile compliance of the military and police. NLP and diversity training, which is now compulsory, and rigorously enforced, has intruded on the enforcement agencies to such an extent that a failure to comply with this twisted dogma would ensure the destruction of a career.
As a result of the development of the world, so the liberal elite have developed into the Neo-Conservatives, which have been active since the 1960’s
It is clear that the doctrine advocated in draft form in 1992 by Paul Wolfowitz has been fully implemented as the next stage in the plan for world domination, and the adoption of the concepts advocated in 1954 is in play.
Having control of the organs of power, education, media, and communications led to the next logical step, which was the hundred year war.
The Hundred Year War
The Malthusian Theory of War has at its ideological basis the expanding of populations coupled with a scarcity of resources. It is the principle used to start the crusades, and Pope Urban II was aware that by providing the warring factions of Europe with an external enemy he was increasing the power of the church, and moving the problems of Europe to the Middle East.
It was clear by the end of the 20th Century that we were having problems in Europe, as the multicultural project failed, and the prosperity promised by the liberal/neo-con elite was destroyed. It left the members of the various organisations with a major problem.
How to maintain the drive towards one world government, despite the widespread resistance of the populations of the developed world.
We can surmise that they sought the advice of a think tank or two, so the very best people had a plan.
The Hundred Year War Plan, or the answer to all their problems. Even if they did not know about 9/11 they knew of the existence of groups capable of carrying out a 9/11 attack.
The Saudis backed the hijackers, and a CIA agent (Bin Laden) was in charge of the operation. The people in the various intelligence agencies had a vested interest in the start of a hundred years war, as it ensured funds for the foreseeable future.
As a fundraiser it was brilliant, and the war that followed has made millions for the government contractors and other agencies involved. It was also a good excuse to increase the assault on the individual freedoms of the citizens and ensure that ordinary people are focused on an external enemy and not any internal problems.
The people who know do not need to be convinced but the general public continue to be ignorant of the possible issues involved.
The Trilateral Commission are happy because the money keeps rolling in, and despite economic collapse in Europe they remain strong by their control of the emerging economies.
The Bilderberg/EU/UN/Liberal/Neo-Con’s are happy because they have the security to continue their drive to world domination. The same tried and tested method is used again and again.
Iran, North Korea and China will be used in the same way to continue the agenda of such people. But as we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan the mission accomplished is sometimes premature, and in their arrogance the liberal elite sometimes bite off more than they can chew.
The Ideology of the Stupid Liberal
We assume that the liberal elite are intelligent, but there are different intellect types. We know that the total war waged on the people of Europe is the result of the actions designed to stop war, and we are sure that the liberal elite are corrupt, greedy and social. Liberals are happy as an elite, which is why the liberal is arrogant. He is happy sharing a neighbourhood with a rich Mr Ombogo, Singh or Patel while he screams contempt for the poor Mr Smith and Jones.
He cares not for the religion or race of his subject people. They can be black and Muslim for all he cares, as long as he and his rich friends are in charge.
Total War
He has waged total war on the populations of Europe since 1945, and has had a plan (much revised) since 1954. It is a total war waged on a grand scale, against the people of the world. Its goal is the establishment of a new world order.
Its plan is already well advanced and they control almost everything. They have killed and they will kill again to pursue their goals. John Smith, Saddam Hussein and David Kelly stood in their way.
In this country the media, police, Army and education system is controlled by them, and their placemen are in government.
The poor uneducated masses are being moved into communities so they can work for the new masters.
Democracy is dead.
Revolution may be the only answer.