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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Concerning the refugee Sorros funded protests in London some sceptical comments are encouraging.  Especially given the slant of this anti-British, pro-globalist "news" outlet.

Some important background behind the madness:

1. Communists don't want a flood of mass immigration because they have big, compassionate hearts.  They want a flood of mass immigration to accomplish three things, in this order: a) They want to swell the voter rolls with unskilled, benefits-dependent voters who will support increasingly globalist, increasingly Socialist, policies.  b) They want to overload the welfare state, in order to use the resulting (managed) crisis as a pretext for establishing a collectivist, Socialist state - which will necessarily be more authoritarian.  c) They want to destroy Western Civilisation (which they call "capitalist culture").  This is their common ground with Islam, and the apotheosis of their amoral, techno-fetishist, vision of an authoritarian "Brave New World."

The strategy of overloading the welfare state to achieve full, Venezuela-style Socialism is called "The Cloward Piven Strategy."  Google it and you will better understand the immigration crisis.

2.  Billionaire George Soros has funded mass-immigration, and funded the *suppression of vocal resistance to it.*  Soros has demanded all nation-states be subject to a "Socialist Global Government."   This sentiment has been echoed by the Pope, and Bill Gates, among others.  We are witnessing the destruction of the nation-state and imposition of a new order.  Every US president since Bush Sr. has openly welcomed either a "New World Order" or "Global Governance."  The rich get richer - and control our governments.  The middle class become dependent serfs.  And the poor?  If the history of these types of power-plays is any guide, they will go up the smokestacks as "useless eaters."  Soros also funded the Communist "Occupy" riots, and is funding the US terrorist group "Black Lives Matter" who call openly for the murder of police in the USA, and pay homage to their "inspiration," avowed "Communist revolutionary" and unrepentant, convicted cop-killer and fugitive, Assata Shakur, at every meeting.

We are witnessing the very wealthiest humans, making a concerted attack against the nation-state, and funding destructive mass-movements like mass Muslim immigration, the militant "Occupy" and "Black Lives Matter" groups, in a bid to foment an astro-turfed, bloody, "revolution."  They are deliberately plunging Europe, the UK and the USA into chaos, in order to justify the imposition of their preferred "order."  A globalist "New World Order" to use the words of George Bush Sr.

The flood of migrants (who were safe and fed thousands of miles before they reached Europe); the rise of race-war-peddling black power movements; the attack on any scrutiny of the trans-national, inherently (scripturally and historically) violent political and legal system of Islam, with what amount to Islamic blasphemy laws in the guise of laws prohibiting "hate speech" - all this is part of a design that is *globalist* in essence and in aim.  Communist-inspired race-war and class-war agitation, mass-movements of human beings to homogenise resistant nations and cultures; and the overt, at times unlawful, islamicisation of Europe, the UK and the USA - all this is by design.  They are counting on our myopia.  They are cultivating our narcissism, our despair and our apathy as a resource.  Resist! - while resistance is yet a matter of choice, rather than a matter of survival.