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Saturday, 17 September 2016

UKIP and the Media Lies

By Christopher Michael Baksa

Someone today,  commented by saying the news channels driven by the Establishment Elite were starting ringing the death knell reverberating towards UKIP in reminding us of what is the point of UKIP now.

For years’ people pointed out that UKIP is a callously right-wing political party that was led by a former Tory party activist, bankrolled by ex-Tory millionaire donors and stuffed full of failed, disgraced and defected Tory politicians.

Well let me tell them one thing The working-class UKIP supporters who have spent many hours fighting on media, such as this, the many that have stomped the streets handing out leaflets, the many who’ve spoken to the numerous local people needing to know the real truth - and then be named and classed with Extreme-right tendencies because they believe in the party’s policies which are, and have never been secondary to the main objective of getting the UK out of the European Union – are no more than honourable patriotic members of the United Kingdom who are seriously concerned with the direction of their country.

Now that 17.4 million members of the public have managed to extricate the UK from out of the European Union, numerous others - with the lack of cognitive intelligence - are now asking what is the point of UKIP continuing to exist? And what is the justification for working class people continuing to support a party that promotes the centre-right and despises the tory/Labour economic dogma that has ruined our communities, repressed our wages and trashed our local infrastructure and services?

UKIP has functioned brilliantly under Nigel Farage’s leadership and philosophy of us being a working class peoples party. And over the years we have benignly soaked up the votes of millions of people from our own communities that have been left behind as a result of the Con/Lab economic ideology of the last four decades.

Not only does this stratagem divert people away from supporting parties that actually inadvertently do not offer a genuine alternative to the toxic Con/Lab consensus of the Westminster establishment, it also serves to drag the whole political spectrum even further towards us with people like Mrs May attempting to imitate UKIP, and the Blairite faction of the Labour Party attempting to imitate the Tories.

The message from this is that UKIP members who have conviction in their beliefs, and who have integrity, are going to be straight with their voters, and bold in what they say. This inevitably will gain us some enemies.

The fact that some of the liberal left and the cultural Marxists (who seem rather ubiquitous) seem to dislike bold and honest rhetoric is a real problem as they don't seem able to debate these issues but instead go for the messenger, using smear tactics and worse. This is the one aspect of deprecatory propaganda that is not good for democracy at all.

Nigel Farage, yesterday, actually pointed the way forward for UKIP which is to supplant Labour as the opposition to the Conservatives. Specifically, to target the working class voters who would normally vote Labour but find themselves cut off culturally from the London middle class that runs Labour today and sneer at the Northern working class.

This is the main reason why the Labour MPs launched their coup against Corbyn. Their excuse might be the Brexit vote but the real reason is that they are terrified of what happened in Scotland in 2015 repeating itself in the Midlands & North of England and in Wales.

I'm sure UKIP will be hoping to hoover up the votes of the Northern (and other) white indigenous working class Labour supporters, just as the SNP hovered up Scottish Labour votes. Will it happen? It just might; Jeremy Corbyn might as well be from Mars when it comes to understanding the concerns of the good people of this country.