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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Introducing The Common Law Nations Alliance

The Common Law is at the root of all Common Law nations and their constitutions.

Common Law nations include the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, the United States of America, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand and many more (see here for a list of jurisdictions across the world).

But please note, that, whilst non Common Law might not be interwoven into the constitions of non-Common Law nations, it can be applied everywhere, so this website is relevant to all nations and all people.

Common Law is God's Law through the true Christ, implemented by man's common sense and reason. It is the only expression of the true Law we have in the wolrd today. And it is currently in the process of being set aside in favour of corporate international dictatorship, arbitrary man-made law and the law of false teachings.

The aim of The Common Law Nations Alliance is to unify the Common Law nations under the banner of the Common Law.

That means The Common Law Nations Alliance is about taking a major step towards asserting true government, with God through Christ as overall Sovereign.

The Common Law Nations Alliance also aims to unify all men and women who believe in, and follow, the true Jesus Christ.

We are therefore about preparing for what the New Testament calls The Eon, which is the 490 year period known as the 'kingdom of God'.

The kingdom of God can be defined as 'God's rulership through Christ from the heavens over the nations'.

The beginning of the kingdom of God is known as 'the Epiphaneia', which marks the end of the 'the Age of Evil'.

The fruits of 'the Age of Evil' are now all around us. We can see them in extensive corporate-run internationalism with usury at its core, the crushing of individual rights, government funding of international terrorism, multiculturalism, social engineering, genetic engineering, geo-engineering, relentless attacks on Christianity and much more

The Common Law Nations Alliance stands for... SEE HERE...