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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Prime Ministers Weasel words on Louis Smith and Islamic Threats

"When people make fun of Christianity in this country, it rightly turns the other cheek. When a young gymnast, Louis Smith, makes fun of another religion [Islam]...he is hounded on Twitter by the media and suspended by his association." Conservative MP Charles Walker says he "no longer understands the rules" on freedom of speech and religion. But the weasel words of Zionist and Prime minister of the UK Plc  Theresa May shows you where her loyalties are, Her weasel words are sickening. When will the British People bring these Zionist traitors to trial , As
"The mistaken idea that tolerance is always a virtue and intolerance always a vice is corrupting the very heart of our society. In the name of tolerance every evil is exalted and proudly defended, while all those who resist and condemn evil are smeared and demonized as hate mongers and bigots. Yet what are such smear tactics other than intolerance and bigotry on the part of those who claim to be tolerant? Like all who are self-righteous, the dogmatic zealots of tolerance often reveal themselves to be extremely intolerant of anything they disapprove of, yet they refuse to see any fault in themselves. " from The sin of Tolerating evil.